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Is there a company that compares evenly with FL posing?

Jun 14, 2017

    1. I have yet to purchase my first bjd. Originally I was looking at Resin Soul and Bobobie due to price and my impatience. However, I started looking at Fairyland and I'm hooked. I like the reviews I've seen on their ability to pose and also their aesthetic. I was very disappointed to realize that for some things (satyr legs specifically) they seem to do very limited runs. I've only known about BJD for two days. I'm not rich, but I can deal with the cost. I'm asking the above question to broaden my horizons and get a bit more perspective.

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    2. For posing I would recommend Dollzone, I had one of their newer MSD bodies and it poses like a dream. It's not the same aesthetic as FL, but I think that body has a wider range of poses that it can do compared to FL.

      Also, I just received a Resinsoul doll with the single jointed body and it poses well, stands solid, but doesn't have the same range of poses as the other two. I can't speak for their double jointed bodies though.
    3. Loongsoul also has very good posers as well as fantasy style dolls
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    4. I'll start looking at them. Thank you for the info.
    5. I can higly recommend Atelier Momoni + dolls, Momoni & Momonita. Personally I think that they pose way better than minifees and hold poses easier without sueding or wireing. The variety in posing is extremely wide! But it really depends what do you want from the body.
      I really like aesthetics better of the Momoni/Mominita body than minifee body. But it's just a personal preference :)

      I have heard that some say that the new fairyline body poses better than the new a-line body :O But I can't say nothing much to that, since I've only had 4 minifees. 2 with b-line bodies and 2 with the old a-line. Somaybe someone with personal knowledge can help out with that.

      I also prefer that my old Luts Kid delf poses so much better than my minifees ever did :"D It's easier to handle, sturdier and can hold the natural poses way better than minifees without any help of sueding or wireing. But things that I want to my dolls to be able to do are fairly minimalist and I'm not looking for the most extreme posers.
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    6. For limited run dolls, you can still buy them secondhand. Wait til you have forty posts, then apply for marketplace access.
    7. From reading up on RS, they seem very able to make spare and custom parts for custom orders, so you may luck in with those satyr feet yet.
    8. The Fairyland sculptors really are amazing and there isn't anything else quite like their stuff. But there are definitely more dolls out there that can pose well! My criteria for a great poser is probably not as strict as some people: I want the doll to be able to sit upright, stand solidly, be able to touch their face, and generally have their limbs and head stay where I put them. Out of the dolls I own, the bodies that fall into that category are Fairyland Feeple60, Peakswoods Dandy, Luts Delf boy type 4, and Luts Senior Delf girl type 3. These are all SD size bodies, which are roughly 60cm.
    9. I have heard good things about Ringdoll. I have no experience with them, but it could be an option to research further if they seem interesting.
      Next I do not know how what you feel about vinyl. Volks Dollfie Dream is great for posing, but you won't find much in the department of fantasy/non-human parts.
    10. the rs single jointed bodies pose fine though may need some sueding to encourage more friction to hold poses. the double jointed arms are horrible and I hate them. They spin around and just arghhh.
      The satyr legs have a locking mechanism but the dolls are a bit topheavy so it's really hard to get them to stand without a hidden stand or something. Part of this is the huge magnets in the head for the horns but the other part is that digigrade legs throw the balance of the whole doll off anyway by thrusting the upper body forward. The centre of gravity is all borked as a result. They CAN stand with their legs in this locked position but it's not easy and takes ages to balance them. If you don't put them into the digigrade position and they're just straight legs they stand absolutely fine but man, what's the point of that? lol.

      However they are the cheapest option for a lot of fantasy parts like hooves.

      People often will sell the fairyland fantasy parts secondhand, often just the parts not the whole doll too so worth looking at that if you have your heart set on a fairyland. Heck, you could even look into hybridding but that's a bit trickier.
    11. I am hoping that's an option that will work for me. I wanted to make sure I had a good understanding of what was available.
    12. Fairyland is the top notch in posing, but if you only care about standing and some simple poses, then many companies will work for you. But if you want can stand on one foot then FL is pretty much the King in that.
    13. Magic time bjds are known for being like FL
    14. I own a Ringdoll and she is an amazing poser (dunno how she compares to FL though). My resin Volks and Luts girls can't compare and she stomps my iplehouse old YID into the dust. She can wear crazy high heels in her flat feet which my Volks and Iplehouse girl can't wear in their heel shoes.

      That said, my dollfie dreams are by far my best posers. Having a skeleton vs string is almost like cheating in that department.
    15. I recently read a review that showed both Dollzone and Withdoll as being superior in posing to Fairyland. At least I think it was Withdoll, someone please correct me if I'm wrong.

      As someone who owns a Loongsoul 1/4 girl, I can attest that they pose very nicely, although I don't own a Fairyland to compare it to.