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Is there a look-a-like Dolti wooyan?

Aug 6, 2006

    1. I really like Dollti Wooyan's expression, his nose and eyes..however I know how limited they are...are there models from other doll manufactures that are similiar?
      Of course, not direct copying..but that same 'look'?

      Thank you!
    2. How about Hypermaniac's Gyedo? He's got that emo look XD
    3. Or Latidoll M? he has similar eye shape and not so smiley mouth...he's not limited at least..
    4. Yeah it's true. Latidoll M I would say ^_^
    5. [​IMG]

      Orientdoll Tae has a kinda similar grouchy emo look, but he's a mini : /

      I agree with Latidoll M ^_^
    6. I would say DIM Andrea (who I plan to get also ^_~)! Good luck!
    7. I am lucky enough to have a gorgeous WooYan and i wish i could help you out with an idea of possible WooYan look-a-likes but i have to say that i have never really been able to find one myself!
      These is something about these DollTi boys that makes them so unique - i can never quite put my finger on what it is....the chin? the face shape?the look of permanant snootyness that they have?

      I wanted a little brother for my WooYan (Tatsumaki) but can't find one although Orientdoll Tae could look a bit like WooYans little brother.
    8. Yes I agree DIM Andrea looks pretty close.