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Is there a Volks Full Choice Sato Only doll on your wishlist?

Apr 28, 2011

  1. F-44

  2. F-43

  3. F-40

  4. F-39

  5. F-38

  6. F-37

  7. F-36

  8. F-35

  9. F-32

  10. F-27

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    1. I look at member profiles a lot because I'm curious about what dolls they own and what dolls they wish for. I see a lot more Volks FCS dolls on wishlists than I do on lists of dolls at home (including my own). Certain numbers come up more often than others so I'm wondering just how many of us there are who are pining for a head that can only be purchased in Kyoto. I realized that as much as I really want a particular FCS doll, it's so easy to get distracted by dolls that are more readily available that I wonder if I'll ever get around to making the effort again even though I've already been through the process once before.
      If you've got a Sato Only head that you wish for what is stopping you from getting it? Is it the expense? The trouble of finding someone to place the order for you? The distractions from other dolls?

      There are more Sato Only heads than there are poll spaces, so I've left off the ones that are obtainable from Los Angeles and a couple of the older heads. Do comment if that's the one on your list!
      Here's a handy link to images of the heads in question.
    2. I have had two girls I wanted very badly that were Sato only molds, along with many I have admired dearly and would probably want more if they were easier to get. For me.. It's the entire issue of FCS, especially Sato only, that stops me. Most of the time I do not like the wigs Volks offers, nor am I that crazy about $100 eyes.. So it just holds me back, a lot.

      Not to mention, with proxy fees, 2x shipping, and possible language barrier, I don't see myself wanting to order from Sato a lot. MSD F21 ( I know, wrong subforum! But she's the only Sato mold I -NEED-) has finally came up on my 'must buy' list for 2011. While I have had the money, many dolls have found their way home before I have ever considered fully buying her. I'm sort of really terrible at buying dolls that are easier to access rather than the ones where patience is needed. :sweat
    3. There's a single one I'd want, but money aside I'd have no idea where to begin in terms of ordering. I gather being there personally when ordering is considered a large part of getting a FCS doll, to. There's not even a european Volks store to order other molds from in order to experiance that side to it, but that's a different topic. ^^;
    4. I used to be able to order Sato dolls for free, but I doubt I'll do an actual order from Sato ever again since I no longer can ask my friend who would place the orders for me. Considering how not complicated any faceup directions I ever gave were, and how more and more I think ordering FCS blank is the best way to go to get your doll quickly, I refuse to pay someone $200-300 for a short amount of time.

      I find it's much cheaper, faster, and easier to simply buy the heads second hand, and then put them together myself. Body prices are coming down, I am picky about faceup artists, the FCS wigs are rarely what I want - Volks has a poor selection of reds and we won't discuss how many of my dolls are redheaded - and I feel the quality of Zouk's have plummeted so I'd rather buy eyes myself elsewhere. I'm also not sentimental about the whole FCS ordering experience so I don't need the added mystique. He's not Sato only anymore, but I managed to put together my F17 for less than $500 by hunting down his parts secondhand.

      So I guess it does boil down to expense for me in the end. Out of my two FCS orders, both placed at Sato, one was perfect and I adored him from the start. But my F-38 I hated right out of the box. I've never had that strong a reaction to a doll before, but it was instant dislike and I wish I had simply hunted down a head so I would have been out less time and money. I'm currently trying to decide whether or not my desire for a sunlight F33 is worth the price tag. I may just switch it out for a normal skin F33 and put him together myself.
    5. I love love F-16!! :aheartbea

      what has stopped me from getting one? the fact that I can't get to Japan :P

      I would consider a second hand one (cause I love him so much... I think I have come across one as a girl but for me it's a he... hehe) but it depends on the price... my limit on a full doll is $600, I really don't want to pay lots of money for a doll (or more so than what I already do) I already think they're expensive enough :P

      but I really haven't looked around to see if there's any for sale and how much they will be going for, until today... I came across a photo of him again and lets say the old fillings were rekindled again :)

      and in a way yes I agree... it's easy to get distracted by the dolls that all you have to do is press the buy now button...

      I'm hopeful though... one day I might have one of my very own cute, adorable, gorgeous and sweet F-16 boy :D
    6. LOL F16 girl >3 is on my wishlist forever, the only Volksmold I really like.

    7. I have wanted forever a F-26 in ws. She is Sato only. Cristy Stone painted on that is too die for. I do like some of the others but this is the one I keep going back to. I also love the F-43 and F-35 girls but I dont really have them on the "list".

      And although not Sato I want to order other FCS heads. And I keep praying someday Volks will add Yos to their FCS list.
    8. Heh - almost all of the molds I want (with the exception of SD-13 FCS 31) are Sato only. I'd love to get my hands on an SD-13 FCS 38 and a 44...and a 40. Not to mention the SDGR body...

      GAH!! Where do all of the really rich, reeeeally old men hang out?!
    9. I've already got the Sato-only sculpts I really wanted (tan F20 & F21) and I got both of them secondhand through Y!J for much less than I would've had to pay if I'd gone through a deputy service. I don't really have any FCS dolls on my wishlist though. I have F16s in every skintone and my two Sato-only boys, and that's about all from FCS I wanted. There are a couple sculpts I sorta like in some pictures, like F40, and then there's a sculpt I love but won't ever get because I don't do minis - MSD F08.

      I think it would be fun to go to Sato, but I've done FCS at a NY Dolpa, and really, that's enough of the FCS experience that I needed. Overall to me, it seems like most of the FCS sculpts are either girls, which I don't buy, or boy molds I don't really care for, and I'm more likely to want a Volks limited or old classic, like the Lucai, for my dollie family.

      I do think it would be nice if Volks switched some more of their Sato-only sculpts to regular FCS though, because I know a lot of people pine for the hard-to-get dolls and either don't want to go the secondhand route, or like Kim mentioned, don't want to pay a $200-$300 fee on top of an already pricey doll (especially with bad exchange rates) to have someone order for them. It'd be nice to be able to see more of the uncommon sculpts around, and then maybe my opinion of them would change for the better. ;P
    10. The F-26!!! Sob! A whiteskin boy who I can dress slutty!! Er...

      Anyway- I've been in love with the F-26 forever! Since I saw it years ago. The price, the difficulty getting one, and other dolls have derailed any fantasy I ever had of getting one though.

      And why isn't the F-26 in the poll? LOL! Poor forgotten dolly.

      I f I won the lottery the F-38, F-39 and F-43 are all very attractive too.

      And the F-16 is available in L.A. It'z not a Sato only mold.
    11. The only one Sato Only doll I really want is F-35. It was the first Volks girl I loved and I'd be very happy to get her one day. But I decided not to buy her through any shopping service or anything (it's too much, unfortunately), but go to Japan (which is a thing I plan anyway) and order her myself ^^ However, if I had too much money I'd buy MSD F-20, but that's all of my Sato wishlist.
    12. Yeah, poor F-26 didn't fit on the poll. I thought about skipping the more anime style new heads in order to get it into the ten item maximum, but I was also interested in whether those heads were on anybody's radar.
      I agree that it is the scarcity of some of the headmolds that keeps them off of my wishlist. I really like F-40 but there were so few around that I didn't get attached enough to the idea of owning him before I settled for a Kanata instead. That was definitely due to being able to walk out of Studio Alta with a doll!
      There are other heads that would be on my wishlist, but my partner has or will have them, so I get to enjoy them anyway. The only other Sato head I've owned (the F-30 that I gave over to my partner) was bought as a head from Y!J.
      I guess the other reason I'm not in a huge hurry to order my F-35 is because I'm waiting for the Graffiti girl body to be added. So I can keep procrastinating for a year or two!
    13. I love this poll. Well, I have never even bothered to put my choices on my wishlist because I see it as really impossible that I will ever obtain these two molds but F-36 and F-38 are my ultimate Sato choices. The F-38 looks so manly to me and F-36...I love his cheeks and lips. For regular FCS F-16 would be my choice!!!! *just added them to my wishlist ;)*
    14. I think the anime ones are really cute, but I think it narrows the character you can make for them and there is something a little awkward about the faces that for some reason the DD don't have. But I love anime sculpts so I was always wondering what they'd be like in person. But so few people own them, especially in the U.S. I don't think I'll get a chance to see any.
    15. This. I'm going to want an F-34 sunlight on the SDGr girl body one day :sweat. But F-36 I want on sunlight SD17, which of course doesn't exist *sigh*.
    16. Of the choices presented, I'd have to go with the F-38. Dunno the skin tone. I have one in sunlight on the SD13 body already! The only other heads I'd like, if not for the removable ears, are the F30 and F31. But all else pales before the SD17 choices, so I think I'm beyond the lure of FCS unless the SD17 body becomes an option, as well as a couple of the heads thereof---
    17. I think that if the SD17 was added to full choice, even if it were Sato only, a lot of F-38s would rocket to the top of our buying lists!! :lol:

      I just don't understand the resistance to adding them to FCS. It's already true that certain heads are really only meant for certain bodies, so the possibility of a weird hybrid can't be the preventative factor. I don't think we'd really care about the price if it meant we could get the body type we actually wanted, would we?
    18. I think it's twofold. One is that the SD17 has no real option parts that exist. No extra hands, no special feet, no leg length choices. A lot of the head sculpts simply wouldn't fit on it, so either they would have to limit the heads that could be used, or come up with a lot of new FCS headsculpts to have a wide variety.

      And then making it FCS would remove the limited aspect from the SD17 releases, and I really don't think they actually want to do that.
    19. Yes, Volks like to keep as much as they can very limited. It guarantees sell out dolls which= money in their pocket and no left over stock. So they have no real reason to add the SD17 body (or SD16 girl) to the FCS choices even if they made them Sato only it would...detract/make less coveted the SD17/16s that they do release.
    20. I am with you St.James, that Graffiti girl body is to die for. I really have a thing for the LE girls unfortunately. I am still pining for Alice, who I may never get a chance to own. I know the point of the LE is to make them exclusive but I would love it after a certain amount of time they made them available via FCS.