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is there any ''specific'' BJD wig that you want but none of the bjd online sells it?

Sep 3, 2011

    1. do you have any? and have no other choice but to do DIY or commission someone, for me i do have a specific wig i want, i want a wig that has two different colors on both side but in order to archive that i have to buy two different colored wigs and cut them into half and sew it *sigh* and the other kind looks something like this

      two different colored wig


    2. I'd really like to have the wig that Soom's Super Gem Ivory wears, but I cant find it anywhere online >^<
    3. You know, you could just commission someone to make a custom wig for you like that. Then you don't have to have a frankenwig.
    4. i know i can commission someone
    5. Have you seen this one (and the others like it) on For My Doll? http://www.formydoll.com/shop/step1.php?number=984
      If you don't like the three color combinations they offer, they will make it in any combination of colors you like. I actually ordered two custom versions of this wig myself.

      As for the second one you showed a picture of, that's very similar to many wigs I've seen in the past (a specific Leekeworld wig comes to mind). Just keep looking!
    6. Oh my gosh yes!

      I can't find decent boys wigs anywhere. I guess it doesn't help that I want more classic mens' styles, like at the moment I would kill for a Captain Scarlet wig...
    7. never seen that hair before, i think you have to cut it yourself
    8. i really like the wig, love the blue
    9. *points to avatar*
      Nowhere will I ever find it. EVER. I modded the hell out of a wig three years ago to make something similar, but it's had it. I tried commissioning a wig in the right color combo but it came back horribly, depressingly wrong. I recently remade it, and it's going out in public for the first time tomorrow. hopefully it works out.
    10. Oh man, yes. I need a super tight slicked back ponytail for one of my dolls, but yeah freaking right! Good luck to me!

      I also need a BLONDE wig that pools on the floor when my SD girl is standing. Found some that are the right length, but they do not exist in Blonde. I've actually been noticing an increasing difficulty in finding blonde wigs in general. Bright golden blond. This color does not seem to exist in that heat resisting fiber a lot of companies seem to be switching to.
    11. i to have difficulty finding blonde wigs, yes there was one wig that has the style i want BUT the color of the wig sucks
    12. I would pay all kinds of good money for Nihongami (traditional Japanese hairstyles -- think geisha, maiko, traditional brides) wigs. But as it stands right now I'm going to have a buy plain black wigs and attempt the styling myself, because I have never seen a BJD wig in any of those styles and I haven't yet been able to find a good substitute. I stumbled upon a doll and wig set in Kyoto once that was an antique doll with interchangeable wigs that could have been the right size for some kind of BJD, but the doll wasn't for sale and probably would have cost way more than I wanted to spend anyway if it had been for sale.
    13. I just want more mature/boy styles in smaller sizes. I need 5-6 but all i find are dolls for cherubic set. My boy has a small head. :S I can do fur wigs, but sometimes i want something a little less... puffy.

      that said i'd like some awesome shoes in mature mini sizes too. :| all the ones i find are too girly or too big.
    14. I saw this one wig - I forget where, though - that was a shoulder-length cut of a normally long-length wavy wig, and thought it looked awesome. Unfortunately, you couldn't choose the color you wanted, and it only came in pink. I don't really need it; at the same time, if I could get it in blond, it would probably look better than the short wig she has now.
    15. Plain men's business style. Shortcut. I guess I will buy a wig as short as possible and try my horrible cutting abilities on it.

      And if I will ever get a lady doll matching my Granado-Leeke-hybrid, I want something Rokoko-style for her. He has a nice period outfit, and wouldn't it be nice if she had a matching dress - and matching hairstyle?
      However, this seems a bit easier, as I have already seen several "big hair style wigs" for sale.
    16. I want a black shaggy wig, with BOTH blue and green streaks in it, and its so hard to find anything other than two-toned wigs T.T
    17. I've been trying to find a white pigtail wig with clip-in pigtails for a while. The only company that sells something similar only sells them around Christmas.
    18. Would like to see some mixed blonde wigs (light blonde with dark blonde)
      Also wigs with candy colour highlight :)
    19. I've lost track of the number of times I've said "That wig would be perfect if it were X colour." Where X is the colour I want. It's either the wig doesn't come in the color I want or the wig I want is only pictured on the fullset doll and I can't find it anywhere else.
    20. I want the following:

      wigs with natural looking highlights- i.e., not black with blonde, or green, or orange, or red, just a nice, natural looking variation of colour that can be found in real hair.

      wigs for my boys that don't make them look like girls. I do not do girly boys- I really am not a fan of my male dolls having long gossamer curls and that nonsense. I just want them to look like boys- ordinary boys.

      Girls wigs that aren't always styled with those big lolita style sausage curls. There are some, but it seems like so many wigs are designed to make a doll look so... doll-like. I want some realistic hair styles for my girls as well.