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Is there anybody else who is happy with only one BJD?

Jul 23, 2019

    1. When I started this hobby four years ago I had great plans for different dolls. I want at least six dolls mostly boys. I had plan for them (anime characters and own characters too). But now I have only one boy. I still searching for new realeses and follow my favourite brands, but I don't want to own any of them. I really can't understand what happened, but I am satisfied with my boy. I think from the first minute, that he is totally perfect, and he is a great pleasure for me. Sometimes I think that a next doll won't be as special for me as him.
      Not too long ago I looked for a girl doll, I can buy, but every doll had some imperfections, I don't want. Some had ugly ankles, some was too tall, and some had the same feet size, as my boy. And those heads! 9 and 10 inch head size? My boy's head is 8 inch... Than I realized, that I maybe don't want to buy a new doll. I still buying props for my boy. Sometimes small kitchen props, lamps, balls or rubik's cube. He's got a lot from those kind of things.
      What do you think? Is one doll happiness exists? Is there anybody who don't want another doll?
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    2. I think being happy with one doll is great <3 i found out the hard way with ever after high and monster high dolls that I would get into the swing of wanting more, more, more! My collection got crazy big. In the end I sold all but one eah boy and one mh girl! I think the same goes for anything. If you can get fulfillment from one doll then go for it :)

      I personally find that having too many of anything actually stresses me out haha. I like to fully 'care for' a doll to feel fulfilled and content with it. I design and sew their clothes, think of their styles and create! It takes a while! I have two boys and neither are done after almost a year! (Though one is very close and the other is getting a faceup.) The one who is almost done gives me the most happiness because his character is set. He is calm and reassuring to have around <3.

      It is really easy to get caught up in the chase rather than enjoying what we have. You are wise to know that the shinny newness of something will soon fade away.

      I personally have and will probably end up with more than one because I enjoy making the characters interact with eachother. It is all about what you personally want to experience from your collection. Some people like to paint and sell dolls, other like to have one to savor and enjoy, while others may enjoy the hunt! It's all relative.

      I have 7 American Girl Dolls because of my Instagram account. It gives me joy to take pictures and share poems about my faith and relationship with Christ, so more is better for for variety. Having 7 is too much for me to enjoy on a deeper level but easier to present to others for enjoyment! It all depends on what your dolly goals are.

      Tl;d . Yes, many people enjoy having one doll. The amount you own depends on what you do with and get out of the hobby.
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    3. Oh, I'm sure it exists. It's not quite the same because I have three dolls, but I don't really have an aching need for any more (I do sort of want a boy to shell a favorite non-OC character but I have tons of figures of him anyway and it'd definitely be an endeavor for when I have some excess income which is...never, honestly). I, too, am incredibly picky which might have something to do with it.

      But yes, I would much rather focus on my girls right now and for the foreseeable future.
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    4. I only have one large girl. My other girl is actually my partner's but they aren't into the forum thing so I just put her as mine. The handful of other dolls we have are just little dolls. Three playscale dolls and a Little Apple Doll. I can say that having six dolls in total ends up feeling like a bit much if you want to dress up and play with all of them. I usually just end up picking one for a while...
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    5. I'm with you, OP. I have only one and I don't want any more dolls. Maybe other collectibles, like figures or other toys, but not bjds. To me, my girl is the perfect one, and I prefer to spend money on clothes and props for her than having another doll. And it's the same for me, all the others I see it's like "oh, but it would be too tall/short", or "I don't like the joints" or "only if the face was a bit different"... Who know what the future holds, but right now, I feel you, @Triexiz ^_^
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    6. Haha, when I saw this I thought 'Wow, they really don't want another doll!' I love when mine can share shoes! I have a lot of dolls, but I think people with just one doll are awesome, you can really take time and spoil that doll, buy it a lot of things, and know how it poses best for pictures, sometimes I wonder what it would be like to have only one doll to spoil. but I am too attached to all of mine to do that.
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    7. I have a list of dolls I really wanna buy...and I am sure I will always want more and more and moooore.
      I am very curious now about your perfect doll and your props. Show us some pictures please....:kitty2
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    8. You are lucky that you’re happy with one :sweat for me personally I feel like having one is not getting the full doll experience especially when it comes to taking pictures because I can not wait to have multiple dolls to interact with eachother. One is a bit lonely to me. But for my wallets sake I wish I had the same mindset
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    9. Personally, I’d have loads if not for cost, but if you’re happy that’s great!
    10. Thank you guys! I like to be a part of such a great community! Here is my boy he is pretty unfinished and bald in the picture, but I made this photo to try out the new bunny. My mom gifted it to him.:) I like to tell that he is perfect for me. He is an IOS head on a Universe Doll body (normal/yellow) almost perfect match
      Somehow flickr hates me I think...
      [​IMG]IMG_20190629_095755 by Henriett Makai, on Flickr
      I hope it shows up...
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    11. I love the photo you used for your icon! :love
    12. :aheartbeaI love his happy expression!:aheartbea he looks very happy with the new bunny.
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    13. Your doll looks content, maybe he enjoys being an "only child"!
      I have too many dolls, really, and I feel I could get by with a lot fewer human ones. It's the anthros that tempt me the most these days, there is such a variety and they're just so quirky and cute.
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    14. When I started, I thought I will just get one and that’s it. :) now I have 10 :) and still looking for the one
    15. It's wonderful you have your one perfect doll! I'm a bit jealous. Mari would have been my only but then Cocopo happened... And now I've realized how great dolls are for shelling OCs! Better than the Sims (not counting the price)
    16. I completely understand how you feel! I got my first doll a while ago and I thought I would want another (as that's my personality, one is never enough for me :lol:) but I've been searching nearly everyday and I can't seem to find one I like enough to buy, probably because I keep comparing them to him. I even considered buying the same doll but giving him a drastically different faceup, but he's too hard to find so idk if I'll do that. I'm not sure why I feel this way, maybe because he's from a really close friend of mine so he's super special to me. I still hope I'll find one that fits with him well, maybe I'm being to picky?
    17. For me one doll is not enough. Especially when companies are releasing new sculpt every year it's tempting not to drool over them. I think what I find lack is my lack of creativity. Unless i could find nice wigs and clothes and eyes and acessories for my only bjd than I might be satisfied. But searching for the right wig and clothes is really tough. It requires patience and $$$.
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    18. When I bought my first SD, I was so sure that I would only have that one and that's it. I would just spoil that boy. But then he ended up wanting his own doll, and I had two YOSD that I was attached to and it all became such a big mess of doll @____@
      Now, he has a "brother" and another SD brother on the way! My plans are ruined but now I have a lot of boys to love, I don't think I would want to go back to having just one as I love the face of my other dolls and that they can express different emotions and styles so I don't feel like I'm trying to do too much with just one.
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    19. I think it depends on how you ‘use/play’ with your dolls. for i think im happy with 2-3 so they have friends haha but i do however only have plans for one main doll (the one in my pfp) she’ll be the only one i spend the the most money and time on.
    20. Not me, that's for sure.

      I thought one would be enough, back when I bought Alphie, my first (14 or 15 years ago) but he wasn't a loner for long.