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Is there anywhere you refuse to take your doll? why?

Aug 10, 2008

    1. there are lots of threads asking if you take your dolls to certain places but i cant seem to find one asking if there is anywhere you feel un comfortable taking your doll to.

      is it school/work?

      a certain friend or family members house?

      stores or restraunts?

      and make sure you tell us why you dont?
    2. I'd probably refuse to take them anywhere haunted or graves

      Or my classroom cos I'm an engineering student so people really just wouldn't understand. Oh and possibly not any of my relatives' place because there really is no reason to provoke them into questioning. My parents probably would not really like that either^^;
    3. most places! Believe me a 33 year old woman carrying a doll is an odd sight! I wouldn't carry them round a town or city centre - unless I was with a group. I certainly wouldn't take them to work- apart from being a branded a nutter- I work with kids ( I am a teacher) and grabby hands would cause damage!

      I always bring them on holiday though ( I don't travel outside the UK becasue we have a dog) and if I went to a freinds for a weekend I would take some- all my frineds are aware of my dolls or share the same interest.

      I think it is a risky thing to take them out in public, especially where there are a lot of people. I know a lot of people can shrug off the nasty comments and look, and yes there will people who are genuinely interested and say nice things, but the risk of damage or someone forceably taking the doll are too high.

      I do take them to park and castles and the like for photo shoots- generally places where the clientèle are older or less 'rough'. My cover story if anyone asls is that I am shooting for a doll magazine!
    4. nice cover!

      i know this is sort of off subject but talking baout dolls and school reminded me of teddy bear week

      Did anyone else have teddy bear week or day in grade school?? when we where learning about the presidents we had a little theme for the week and when it was president rosevelt (or however you spell it lol) it was teddy bear week and we got to bring our favorite teddy bear to school it was so much fun!!!

    5. bump for more answers
    6. Because of health problems I can't really travel far or sleep over any place where I can't get a really good bed but if I could go and visit my sister I wouldn't bring any of my dolls. She just wouldn't understand.

      When I bring them outside I always have them in a carrier. I actually wouldn't be able to walk down the stairs any other way because I need to be able to use both hands to support me - one on the railing (but I can hold something in that hand at the same time) and one holding my walking stick.

      Come to think of it I probably wouldn't bring my girls anywhwere with small children. They'd just be upset they weren't allowed to touch them. However I just don't care what people in the street might say. I've had nasty comment too often thoughout my life so I've had to learn to cope.

    7. i know how you feel on the sister part
      she works alot and every pay check she gets goes so fast cuz she spends it on taco bell, stuff to make her car more popular and clothes so she looks at me wanted to spend $600 + on dolls and doll stuff and thinks im psycho

      but i look at her and wonder how she can blow so much money on fast food (and wonder how in the world she stays so skinny)

      but i like dolls and she likes food lol so i guess we just do what we do

    8. I won't take them to work with me. I work with kids, who love to rummage through your bags so I would be terrified. But when I help out at a store (friend runs it) I do take them with me and put them behind the counter or in the display window (what you call it?). It's a great customer magnet.

      Also no amusement parks or anywhere where I have to leave them for awhile. I would be to scared that they would get stolen.

    9. It is the best way! I have found less people stare if you are confident about it- make sure you don't talk 'dolly' things like " She doesn't like standing like that" or " she is not happy there" and say things like " move the doll over a bit", "Sit it down near the flower" instead!

      the more confident you look the easier it becomes as you take on the persona of 'magazine photographer'!

      We found people stared more oddly at us when we tried to be quick about it and hurry photos!
    10. thats a great tip!:) ill be sure to remember that thank you for sharing!

    11. I wouldn't take them anywhere I might get stuck having to take them into a public lavatory. Of course, I try to avoid those as much as possible myself, so there's not many places I would haul the boys. There is one exception to that though, I wish I had taken Tanal into the one across the hall from the Howlett computer lab when I worked there for photos. That lavatory has a lovely sitting room entrance with nice wingback chairs and such.

      But then, I grew up getting odd looks from people, even when I wasn't doing anything out of the norm. I'm just the sort who forgot there was a drummer listening to the flute. So odd looks for carrying dolls are nothing, and they can also be fun conversation starters. And Tanal killed any shyness about carrying them around I might have had the first time I took him out by being a complete brat as soon as there were people around.
    12. hmm I would cetainly not take my dolls to places like : school, work, family just because people would not understand and the risk of damage is far to high.

      my boy though has been going to event with me :)
    13. I've found its not particularly safe to walk outside by yourself let alone with such a expensive thing as a BJD (at least where I live). Unless I'm going to visit a friend I wouldn't take them out with me. Where I am its not safe to leave them out of their boxes!

      I don't find odd stares bad (I've brought one of my floating heads into public while I attached it to a string so it could hang around my neck!). But I think that people would want to touch them, which is the main reason I don't bring them in public.
    14. I don't think BJD are the type of doll you'd carry everywhere... So anywhere that is not a park in which we are holding a meet-up or an owner house, probably.
    15. I won't take my dolls to places where lots of kids running around.....
      kids can be rude sometimes.....:sweat

      And now I don't take my dolls to doll gathering with too many people and too many dolls. Cause when there are 20-30 dolls on the table, you can hardly take care of your own doll. There are once my friend's doll being swept down 3 times by a doll stand when another doll owner move his doll. That's just terrible when there's doll owner who is not considerate.....
    16. I haven't taken mine anywhere further than my house, but the one place I can think of is school (university) Lots of walking around, jostling, shoving my laptop/binders into my bag... no place for dollies! XD
    17. I only take my dolls to doll events or the houses of my friends and family. If I were younger or had someone to go with me, I might be brave enough to take them to public places to photograph them, but I like to keep a low profile in public. I do have a Doll Factory mouse, though, that I may take with me when I travel. I often travel with my older sister and I love the idea of a travel doll (mouse), plus it will have the added effect of making my sister crazy.
    18. I won't take my dolls some place I don't feel comfortable with the idea at the last minute most times. Like the mall seems like a good idea one week but the next week it doesn't. I feel it out.

      And one place I will NEVER take my dolls is work. I had one exception and then Caitlin was locked up for the rest of my shift. I work as a CNA which means I don't have time to watch the dolls at work. Too many things could happen to them. A downfall in the medical field I suppose cause it would be fun if I could do it once, but the risk of damage is too great. Plus I'm constantly made fun of for being in this hobby and spending the money I do on it. Co-workers just don't get it so yeah after that experience with Caitlin it's never ever gonna be repeated again.:(
    19. For me I would not take my doll to any sort of water park (where there is a major possiblity of him getting wet) or to my old high school because of the people i went to high school with. Other then that i would take Zayn, my doll, to almost everywere else. XD I would even take him to my collage because the people there are a little more understanding. They will just give me a questioning look but then they would walk on...or they may even ask questions but they would never shoot a nasty comment at least not out loud like in high school. lol Its not like they haven't seen something like that with a big, cosplay loving, Anime club on campus. lol
    20. Most places, really. Mine are valuable and fragile, if they were damaged I'd feel irresponsible and stupid. I cherish them and don't want them to come to harm, and it wouldn't be easy for me to replace them. If I'm not taking them to an indoor meetup, or on a photography shoot in appropriate light (or lack thereof) then they stay in my workroom.