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Is there are mold similar to Iplehouse's Amy?

Feb 25, 2009

    1. This may be a bit of a weird question, but has anyone seen a mold that is similar to Iplehouse's Amy?
    2. Hmmm..maybe..maaaaaaaaaaaaaaybe Soulkid Miribyeol? With a less grinny faceup... >.O
    3. Elfdoll maybe? There's a new girl coming out tomorrow, she's in the news today. What sort of doll are you looking for? Is the body wrong, but the face right or vice versa? Otherwise, there's a new Bambicrony girl www.bambicrony.net or Dollmore have a variety of girls www.dollmore.net also Luts have a few www.eluts.com

      I'd look around the various companies and see if there are any MSDs you like there. The only ones that are fairly different are the ones like Fairyland as the minifees are more slender and shapely. Castleanne, Rosette (which has 2 body types) are slender MSDs as well.
    4. If it's the body you don't like (which I can understand, I'm not a fan of the Iplehouse mini bod at all), the BW Amy's head will work on a DIM mature body-- great fit and resin match, and now she can wear all those clothes that fit Unoa. I have my Amy on a DIM body and love her new look. Just make sure it's the white skin head on the newer (more pinky/pale) DIM body.
    5. Thanks Sylphide. I was very interrested in that because I just love the new I IpleHouse have come out with and I really don't need another MSD body that won't fit the same clothes as my other girls. Not that I don't like the look of the body but it's just not partical.