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Is there more than one version of Volks SD16 boy?

Jan 3, 2006

    1. A friend of mine has a new Volks ctalogue with Yukinojo Sawaragi at the back (in a section on Dolpa 14), and it shows two different versions of him, different in clothes. There is the version with the coat and boots outfit, and there is the version where he is in a tracksuit with a towel. The second version had a lower price than the coat and boots version (I suppose because the outfit is more simple).

      I guess I just want to know something about the different version and if anyone has seen version 2 (with the tracksuit) actually for sale/auction. (the picture of him in the tracksuit was great; he was sitting fully cross legged).

      Not that I am thinking of getting him; finances and my dream Hound say 'No you don't ! ^^). But I am curious about him.
    2. That would be very interesting to know. Anybody knowing more???
    3. I'm not sure, but I think a form came with him that you could send in to order the track suit outfit. At least, that's what I gathered from the reports of people who do have him.
    4. I wonder if that is for Japanese only, or if international orders of that are allowed.
    5. From what my seller told me, the outfit is an additional one for Yukinojo, there won't be another Yukinojo precisely with that outfit. In the catalugue would be a coupon which you have to send in for the outfit.

      My seller had cut that and mailed it for me, so we just have to wait for April as she says Volks would only release the outfits to Yukinojo owners. I'm not sure whether this applies to international owner.
    6. I got that coupon too (from Volks USA) and I can't wait till end April to see if I have won it.
      The lottery for it seems to be seperate for the Japan and USA (&Canada,Mexico) residents.
    7. can anyone who have seen the coupon tell me that when is the deadline for the lottery?

      i'm doing a payment plan for my Yukinojo and won't be able to get him until very end of march. i surely would not want to miss the chance to get him a new set of clothes but i just want to know if that is possible.

    8. The deadline on my coupon says that it must be received by Volks by April 1, 2006.

      Edit: Mine was for the Volks USA lottery doll, and is supposed to be mailed to Volks USA.

      Linda S.
    9. could u send the coupon to volks USA or must it be thru volks japan?? lol
    10. I got mine from Volks Japan and the date on there is March 1st. :'(

      Well, that's the only date I see on there, since I can't read it.
    11. riversofblood, I got mine from Yahoo! Japan and the deadline for it was March 1. ><
    12. *dangit*!!!!!
    13. Volks USA tracksuit lottery and the Volks tracksuit lottery (Japan) are separate (as is the Volks Korea lottery).

      If you do not live in a Japan, no matter how you purchased your doll, you could not have participated in the lottery. I asked and was told, even though the Japanese form did not say so, that I could not enter. I don't honestly think they expected anyone outside of Japan to READ the form and attempt to enter. It took several tries before they replied to me at all.

      Additionally, Volks USA will ONLY accept the forms from dolls that were purchased through them; I asked about this as well.

      Also, I would hazard a guess that the shipping rules for Volks USA will apply to their lottery as well - USA, Canada, and Mexico only. Of course, you'd have to check with them about that.
    14. Ou...... I hope my seller is able to win the lottery! She's so lucky to be able to buy 2 Yukinojo off the actual Dolpa 14 and the off-auction event too..... XD
    15. Ah yes, Volks Japan got back to me. They confirm that the contest is over and definitely wasn't available to international customers. :( Boo!
    16. I'm sure this has been discussed already, but I did a search and didn't find anything recently ^^;

      With two dolpas coming up in August, I've started thinking again about what limiteds might be released... (correct me if I'm wrong - limited dolls are usually released at every dollpa, yus?)

      Do you think they'll come out with another SD16 boy soon? 8D I think that would be pretty cool... expand Volks's doll size range even more XD

      Or possibly... an An SD16 girl? :O
    17. I sure hope they do, and I'm sure they will eventually ^__^

    18. ooohh~~ I hope they'll do! Please!!
      I desperatly want another SD 16 boy with an evil look ^^
      (but please not in august, because I have no money already. I just brought my Kiss home this month.. and for him I need a SD 16!!)
    19. I wonder if they will be making a standard SD16?
    20. I'm hoping that the limited doll Volks will be releasing at the New York Dolpa is a SD16 girl, possibly Yukinojo's girlfriend! :chibi I'll feel really silly if I'm wrong. :blush