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Is there pressure to make your BJD the BEST?

Dec 23, 2009

    1. And by "Best" I mean, most amazing, exotic, and out-there.

      I mean, I've seen some dolls, with these beautiful, elaborate dresses, with insane face-ups and mods. They're gods+Godesses, they're from 14th century france, they have powers, and they're just EVERYTHING stuffed into one lil resin babe :D .

      And I was looking at these amazing dolls, then I looked over at my boy, and he kinda seemed.... bland?

      So when you get a doll, do you have to make it FREAKIN EPIC in every way you can? Or you content with a more... 'bland' doll.

      (By bland, I mean, more like an everyday person. With problems that arn't like "If I dont find the magical stone the universe will be destroyed" :sweat But more like "Uh... was that... Did I just step in poop? Ohhh, I hope that was just mud D: " )

      I hope this is the right place to put this. If not, kindly Mods, do what you will :3
    2. I really think it just varies by individual. Some people are perfectly happy with their average plain-jane dolls, and some feel like they want to go above and beyond. But that said, I dont think doll owners are trying to outshine eachother, its just something that they love and admire. BJDs are beautiful things and people should by all means perfect them, if thats what brings them happiness :)

      I think deep down we all strive for a certain level of excellence in our dolls, probably because the more fortunate or creative doll owners unintentionally give off the idea that our dolls are less meaningful because they have less wow-factor. Some fear judgment from others if our dolls dont have the nicest clothes or the prettiest faceup, but then there are some people that dont really care because in their eyes, their doll is gorgeous no matter what.

      I try not to feel "looked down upon" for my dolls or what they have because I know that the thoughts and oppinions of any owner who IS looking down on others isnt worth a dime #_#
    3. I think I want mine to be the best they can be for whatever character they are

      I have demon summoner, I have Ichigo and Orihime then I have just Yo boys who run around and do whatever LOL

      So I think everyone has their personalities and each owner is just making the best for their own dolls
    4. It sounds to me like you're talking mostly about the doll's personal story and I have to say for me that no-I don't feel as though I'm trying to make my boys' oh-so-awesome to be better than other people's characters. To be honest, my friend and I build up these elaborate backgrounds and such purely because it's fun and we like it, and truthfully I know 90% of them are cliche riddled little buggers and I adore them anyway.

      I will admit that at times it can feel a little depressing to feel as though I'm not as unique or creative as others and that my boys' will just be swept into a huge category of fantasy band-wagon jumpers. However, at the same time I love who my boys are just the same because I know I still put alot of work into them and I'm not going to alter them for the sake of making them "better".
    5. (^.^)...I don't really affected if the doll 'concept' is fantasy or as you said 14th century...but I'm really-really affected when the doll is something like this www.ateliermomoni.com

      (I'm an admirer...i hope that's ok to mention the web...i'm a fan...)

      I'm ok with my doll but when seeing her dolls, I feel like my doll is not cool (^o^)''''. Worse is...I like seeing her dolls pics...just admiring them all...then, when i was about to dress up my doll, I feel confused and pressed myself...

      Now, i'm trying to back to myself...What I like on the doll...my preference of my doll to be like...that's all...

      I'm still pretty clueless with bjd although I've one at home. At first time, I only want a 'sewing' model but now...I think even a doll needs a character, too...I haven't built it, yet because I haven't finished doing basic outfit sewing R&D...I can't do face up, too due to don't have magical eraser...

      Perhaps, after a while, I will get there...have dolls with strong personalities not just bland ones (^.^)

      To be honest, I hate sometimes, to see my current first doll just being my model...be patient, Pyoo Nabi (her name), I'll make you into something...just wait, cutie pie
    6. Hmm, I think my girls are pretty freakin' epic. :D LoL. At the same time, I haven't spent a lot of time/energy creating stories/characters for my girls. They all retain the name that was given to them by the doll co (i.e. Lishe, Soah, etc). I don't feel bad for not investing more time into it. So if you're happy then that is what counts.

      I don't necessarily think anyone starts out saying their going to make a bland or epic doll. I think when they create or craft their characters, it's different for each doll owner. That's the beauty of these dolls. They can become whatever you want them to be. So if you want to recreate a new story, you can. If you want to remove their face, you can. I agree with the other comments that no one is trying to outshine other doll owners.
    7. Same here.

      I don't compare my characters to those others have created. If my dolls are able to represent "who" they are supposed to, then I am happy, satisfied and consider it a success.
    8. I feel the same as you :sweat Its easy to give a doll personality when you're a roll-player, but some of us arent into that sort of thing and its harder to give our dolls life and make them unique individuals. But it will come to you ^ ^ I wouldnt worry. Some of us just have a rockier start here.
    9. I wouldn't think to compare my dolls' characters against other people's. Some people can do elaborate backstories and costuming/hair, etc., and take fabulous photos of them, but their dolls are only presented in snap-shot portraits. My characters have to "move" through (sometimes very) long photostory chapters, so they tend to be involved in the more mundane aspects of (their) realities.

      Characters aside, I go to meets and often laugh to myself that my dolls are often practically bag-people compared to some that come beautifully and perfectly presented. We're usually lucky if an outfit matches and has shoes! But it doesn't bother me at all. I enjoy seeing exquisitely presented dolls but I'm happy with mine as they are. (Especially since I learned a valuable lesson about my limits that time I bought a gorgeous 10- to 15-piece Heian outfit off YJ. Never got past just counting up the various layers and sashes!)
    10. I really envy people who's dolls are "done." I feel like my own will never be to the point where I want them to be, and I get jealous. But then I remember that I am a student with very little money, and when I have a full time job but no human kids to put my money into, I will have the funds to finish my dolls. For now, I can work on them one thing at a time.
    11. I used to feel that my dolls weren't "The Best Of All BJDs."

      They don't really compare to the other dolls of the same sculpt. The other dolls seem to have something about them that makes you want to go back and look, while I thought mine were kinda... Meh, compared with them. :|
      And I thought that maybe I was doing something "wrong" not making them amazing and cool so that other doll owners raved over them. :sweat

      For a time, I kept trying to find something to make my dolls stand out.

      But then I realized that they made me happy the just way they are. ;)
      I felt better after realizing that. xD I can just enjoy my dollies without feeling like they aren't as good.
    12. For me, the quality of the doll doesn't rely on the fantasy aspect. Sometimes I can't take even well-done fantasy dolls seriously. But when a doll looks stunning, has top-notch eyes and wig and clothes, and their owner is a great photographer with lots of interesting ideas, I can't help but feel inspired. I don't do much with my dolls but I am really pleased when I get even just a good wig and eyes and one outfit they can wear. I don't fret much about having a deep, interesting character, or making them totally one of a kind.
    13. In terms of the character my dolls represent, they are who they are, and are awesome to me. And in terms of that, I dont feel a competitive edge. I've seen other's dolls and learned about their character and thought, 'wow! That's cool. Wish I thought of it!' but every individual creates what they create. I also admire those who can develope a character well and rather quickly. But we all have our own pace. I think individual characters themselves do really.

      In terms of popularity? Like, wanting to be that multipage gallery thread poster. Well, I think most who post in the galleries would love that. It be cool to be 'known' in the BJD world. But really, for me, I like to post and even see a couple comments. Though it'd be awesome to get a multipage response to one of my dolls. We've essentially created these guys, so it's like....getting appreciation for that from people who get it.
    14. I have to agree and say that the "best" is subjective. Ive seen some freakin' elaborate dolls, and while impressive, they don't mean anything to me. When my guy arrives, he will be default, straight from the factory, but that won't make him inferior next to a doll of the same sculpt that has a more expansive back story or some amazing clothes. Hes the best to me because hes mine <3

      That said, I think it would be really sad if all someone wanted was to out-do others, especially in this hobby. It seems like it would be a waste of time and money.
    15. yes specially when I see dolls of the same mold who look a lot better I get kind of jealous in away. I get disappointed in my self that my boy doesn't have as nice clothing or good looking of skin. but you have to look past that sometimes and be glad you ahve a boy/girl and that he is yours 8) and him/her lookign good to you is all that matters
    16. Is there pressure to make your BJD the BEST?

      Though I don't have one of my own yet, I feel I must ask, Isn't the point to just customize your doll to your own standards? Like, "sure he/she's not an immortal or Godlike figure dressed immaculately at all times with cosmic troubles, but I love him/her anyway!"? To just love your doll because you worked hard for it and it's yours.:aheartbea

      Not to be offensive at all, in any way, of course. Jeez, English makes me feel so awkward for some reason :(Yet it's my first language and I only speak ultra-basic German and small amounts of Japanese, hm.
    17. I agree with InkyBear -- it's all to do with the doll's character and personality as imagined in the owner's mind. If that character is a deity, superhuman, vampire/elf/whathaveyou, then the doll will reflect that fantasticality; same goes with a character who's a human leading a human life. I don't think degree of fantasticality/"epic-ness" is a good measure of specialness though... Who is the doll as you have imagined? What does the doll meanto you?

      When my dolls are perfectly and completely embodying their characters, when they have their correct eyes/hair/outfits/face-ups, and I'm able to capture their personalities in posing and photos... I'm fulfilled and have achieved the goal of making them 'the best' they can be, the best to me.

      However, the "pressure"/benchmark of calibre -- sets/props, composing photos, telling visual stories -- is another thing entirely. It has nothing to do with a doll's character though.
    18. I just don't worry about my dolls being the most uniquest dolls in the universe. I know some people like to have their bisexual 5000 year-old twin vampire angel pediatricians, but I'm pretty content to just have dolls that look nice and which I can pose around and enjoy on a purely aesthetic level.

      And if someone else finds that bland or boring, well, I didn't buy my dolls to satisfy THEM. I bought them to satisfy ME. I would rather be "boring" than try too hard to be unique and come off looking like a fool. My dolls are at their best because I like what they are (pretty/cute dolls), not what I wish they could be.

      And if you're into customizing, a gorgeous doll doesn't NEED a story to make it the "best" doll out there. There's a really gorgeous Iplehouse Jessica in the gallery that has a ton of responses and views. I think it's an absolutely fantastic doll not because of the backstory and character around it, but just because it's a fantastic customization AND the photography is good. (If you want your doll to stand out and be the best, photography is half the battle.) I know a lot of people want to be #1 and "totally unique" or whatever, but I think a lot are going about it the wrong way.

      Just my two cents.
    19. The suggestion of exotic = best is one I definitely don't agree with. Not everybody likes fantasy or fantasy-concept dolls! My doll characters are normal people but I don't think of them as "bland."

      What I think makes a character "unique" and good is if they are they simply interesting and well presented. A lot of the doll owners whose work I follow are very talented photographers and writers, and they are able to present their dolls in way that makes them convincing and interesting characters, whether they are from fantastic or realistic settings. When I'm sharing my dolls with others, I worry about if I have presented their characters well enough for my own satisfaction, rather than if they're unique.
    20. Is there pressure to make your BJD the BEST?

      I never feel pressured into making my dolls into some amazing, exotic, epic character...lol.... My dolls are not glitzy or glam....rather the opposite, oldfashioned, poor, ragbags....but, I am happy with them like that!....

      I do admire the Epic dollies out there, and all the love and hard work that goes into making them look AB FAB!..........I'm happy to sit back and admire......;)

      Geeees, makes me wonder are my dollies really a bunch of hobo's..???.... Maybe I should do a bit of an exotic-glam- fantasy look for one of them.......No pressure!!....:roll:

      xen :)