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Is There Something or Someone You Miss on DOA?

Mar 29, 2018

    1. When I first joined DOA so many years ago there were a lot more seamstress and tailors. I miss especially Diverse Design. LordSesshoumaruSama, she and her daughter created wonderful clothes in several sizes using old clothing. It was awesome as every couple of weeks she'd post what they had created and everything sold fast. I held on to a couple of her hoodies, but last year I let them go.
      I also miss my dream friend, BJDLovem who was not only a great friend but a talented artist who did several of my dolls. She passed away in May of 2015 of cancer.
      I also miss Spampy and Julienne, both super talented daughter and mom. No size was to small for them.

      How I wish they were still around.

      So who do you miss or what was popular when you first started on DOA, and is pretty much gone?
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    2. I miss several Face-up artists. Cherry Street Sera and *Meee (who have both disappeared entirely) and Morbiddollz (who is still active, just no longer takes commissions) to name a few.
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    3. I miss a few seamstresses and tailors myself - Diva's by Design, Diverse Design, Atelier Soda (they may still be around but they haven't put anything out in a VERY long time). I also miss former moderator Zagzagael (helped me on many occasions when I first joined the hobby and had a great overall tactfulness when answering my stupid questions or with just the general mod duties) and faceup artist *Meee.
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    4. I miss scrolling through Snowfern Clover's tiny food commission page. At the time, there was just no possible way I could come up with enough money for a commission, or even decide what I'd want, but I was so impressed with their work. I actually started making my own food miniatures because I was so amazed at the realism in theirs. My skills still aren't anywhere near theirs, though, and I miss all those pictures!
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    5. I miss Diverse Designs/LordSesshoumaruSama. I just loved their clothes and seeing their updates was a delight! I also really miss Julienne aka Spampy's Mom. Her hats were absolutely fantastic-so well made! I still have the hats from her.
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    6. It seems like a lot of wig makers, faceup artists and seamstresses have dropped off the marketplace. I’m sure seamstresses moved to Etsy and a few wig makers moved there as well but I miss them on the marketplace.
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    7. I had written LordSesshoumaruSama when I still had her email address. She was making dog sweaters and coats. I don't think we'll ever find anyone willing to recycle old clothes of humans into bjd clothes.
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    8. A couple of people who have passed, I did not know them personally but I sure miss their presence here. :goldstar
      I miss one artist who does not accept doll commissions anymore...
      Who I do not miss...anyone who bitches and moans about DOA in other places...
      or anyone has flounced...especially more than once. ;)
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    9. I really miss Kastalia!
      She took her store down and hasn't posted anything on Flickr in ages....
      I hope that she's doing well and that she'll continue to make dolly clothes again someday, her clothes are really among my favorites
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    10. I miss Eugene Le.
      She was an inspiration to me with her gorgeous pictures of her DOD dolls. Their clothes and face ups were always so eye catching and her style was lovely.
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    11. There was a nice lady who was an opera singer in Europe. We exchanged a bunch of messages about music. I haven't heard from her since she was late in her pregnancy years ago. I hope she and her family are doing okay these days.
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    12. I miss my dear friend BJDLovem. She was a wonderful sweet lady with amazing talent. She was a good friend who sadly passed from cancer. She wouldn't see a doctor and discovered to late she had it throughout her body. She is truly missed. Only 65 years old and she could have done so much more if she'd just seen a doctor.
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    13. I miss being able to more easily "meet" people on here; people that you could talk with on a personal level, or with whom you could have debates and discussions in the various forum threads. People who you could exchange PMs with and talk dolls and characters and stories and get excited with them. I miss DoA feeling more personal... Nowadays it seems like it's much more faceless. People will drop a response to threads without really trying to converse with the people before or after them, stating opinions and retreating into oblivion. In company discussion threads you see either people in closed circles purposefully ignoring others or people that drop a photo and run and very few people bother exchanging PMs anymore, so replies often remain unanswered forever...
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    14. I followed their blogs more than I did their DoA posts, but there were a couple of doll people I liked reading about. From what I last saw, they're still into BJDs, just less active online.
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    15. I think it's because if say the wrong thing or it's taken the wrong way you could get banned or at least afraid of retribution. I find smaller groups are better as well as Facebook groups. Just be sure to read their rules. I belong to two smaller forums as well as Facebook groups and we all have blasts as no fears as we know each other pretty well. You can always ask to friend people here in threads you enjoy, most are open to corresponding with others. I love your Minifee Ante so following you on Flickr.
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    16. Marsh.... she was so great! Her pants were the best and she was always so friendly. She gave me a pair of pants once via random raffle and remade another pair that ended up being too snug for my girl. Did not even want me to send the other pair back. She was a rare gem and was take from us so suddenly and way too soon. </3

      Lizzard.... I knew of her before I knew of BJDs via Sailor Moon fandom and I miss seeing her around here.

      While not gone entirely, I do miss @RiverKelpie 's photo stories and her Live Journal. I wonder how she is doing and what all critters she has saved over the years.

      @Sterling ... her armor was the BEST!!!!! We are friends on facebook, but she is not really into the dolls so much anymore.
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    17. I miss @Elena :/ I love her wigs; I actually used to dream about getting one for all of my dolls. :sweat I have since moved away from that style for a lot of my big dolls, but I still love them on my smaller dolls.
      I actually have 3 custom made ones, which are some of my most prized BJD-possessions. I remember she was active for a long while, then more on-and-off for a while, but she hasn't been on DoA in almost 2 years now.

      @Soenatte I think you're right. I used to chat directly with a lot more people, but I haven't really for some time now. In a lot of the threads I used to frequent, I would often feel like an outside to an ongoing discussion, so I just gradually stopped posting in them, and haven't in a long time. :sweat
      Overall, I feel like DoA's structure doesn't really mesh with everyone's posting styles. A lot of people are more familiar and comfortable with the ease and accessibility of posting something on Facebook or Instagram, where you post it and your followers see it in their main feed, and non-followers may see it if they look at a tag you have used. DoA has a lot more delineation of where things go, so if someone prefers to see things all on one screen, they might not like it here as much, so they might not visit as often.
      I often get overwhelmed with seeing so much different stuff in my IG feed though. I think that it's better if you tend to post a lot but don't reply to people as much. But for holding actual conversations with people, I still like DoA the best. :)
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    18. I agree with the mention of how it feels harder to really meet and talk to new people on DoA, or maybe I've been on break too long that it's just difficult to get back into groups haha!

      But as for someone I miss, I really miss bread17 and their faceups. When I first joined the hobby almost 10 years ago, their faceups were a dream and a grail wish to have one of my dolls painted by them. I finally got to make that wish come true but I wish they were still around so I could see more of their work and have more dolls painted by them. :< I'll always treasure my one boy who has their work.
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    19. The amount of quality seamstresses that have completely dropped off the map is indeed saddening. :( Options for larger dolls are fewer and far between these days. Really has me worried when I have no interest in anything other than 1/3rd scale.

      I do also miss when the forums were a little more lively/active (though not exactly the mid 00s peak, either; was impossible to keep up!). I know message boards aren't popular anymore, but for niche interests, they really are the best option imo.

      Regardless, I'll be around. Basically a fossil at this point. ;)
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    20. Court and Castle Dolls! I got some awesome custom-made shoes from them eons ago.
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