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Is Volks Nono SD Headmold and Nono SD13 the same?

Sep 29, 2005

    1. OK... so which Nono is in this Pic (In the red beret)?... at least I think she's a Nono.

      Is it the SD10 or SD13? Again, TIA.

    2. No.

      Nono10 has a unique mold.
      Nono13 shares her headmold with SD10 Ryo, a boy.
    3. Nope! :grin: Nono 13 has the same headmold as the SD10 boy Ryo. They are two seperate heads. I like Nono 10's head better, personally. :chibi Hoped I helped! :daisy
    4. Oops! :o Sorry Valentine! Crossed posts! :oops:
    5. Its the SD10 Nono in the Beret
    6. i have an sd10 nono as well. the two molds are similar but different. i prefer the 10 mold over the 13 mold though.
    7. Actually, this is incorrect and a common misconception. Nono13 and SD Ryo are different headmolds.
    8. Proof, please?

      The new FCS system lists only the Nono13 head as an option, not the Ryo head. Since it now includes all standard SD/SD13 heads, I would assume that the Ryo head is identical to the Nono13 head, and the new F-11 is meant to represent both. (Just as with the four sisters head - consolidated into the F-01 because all four are identical.)
    9. Nother vote for nono 13 and ryo 10 as the same head.

      Nono 10 has less of a smirk and wider eyes, so she is definately a different head.

      And I seem to be in the minority that likes nono 13 better, although I would love one of both! :chibi

      Oh, and your girl is definately a nono 1. Cute, isn't she? (yeah, answered, but lots of people confirming is always good, ne?)
    10. Quite a long time ago I was told by a Japanese collector that they are not the same, so last summer I finally went and asked Volks themselves, which you can read in the screenshot I took in my gmail account below. I had asked them if Aya would ever be available on FCS, and if Nono13 and Ryo were indeed the same headmold.

      Volks' reply to me --

      "In addition, the headmolds are not the same for SD13 Nono and SD boy Ryo."

      I can also forward this email to anyone who would want to see it.

    11. Is it possible the Volks person who answered your email made a mistake, Nena, and even though s/he typed Nono 13, thought you meant Nono 10? It seems rather odd that they'd have every other standard head in FCS, as Valentine mentioned.

      Take a gander at the pics on the official Volks site, of Nono 13 and Ryo. They look very, very similar, even at different angles. I toyed with the notion that maybe Ryo has a slightly different, pointer-at-the-edges eye-shape, but I think that's just the faceup. The mouth, nose, eyes, jawline--everything looks practically the same.

      If there are any differences, I'd say they're maybe as negligible as the ones between F-29 and F-17, or F-28 and F-16. (Personally, though, I can't tell them apart. My eye just ain't good enough! :lol: )
    12. I am quite sure the two heads are the same. Before Ryu was even released, we know they were going to release a new boy using a Nono head. Since then various photographic and physical comparisons have always led to the same conclusion, let alone any other proof the others mention above, such as single entries for the head in FCS etc.

      Do not forget that these are cast using SOFT molds and eye holes etc are cleaned up by hand. In reality, no two volks heads are identical due to this, so you would find the differences descibed above just comparing two Nono13 heads.

      I thought I recently found in one of the volks books proof that they were the same thing, apart from just the FCS listing, but I can't remember what or where at the moment (GRRR).

    13. Ah, .. to be honest with you, I don't think Volks would make a mistake about their own dolls. ^^ ... I really don't think that anyone knows the difference between SD10 and SD13 better than Volks do.

      I'm quite aware these dolls look very similar, I myself used to own a Nono13 at one point, and a good friend of mine used to have a Ryo. Considering how many prototype heads Volks makes for every doll, I don't find it hard to believe that Nono13 and Ryo could be different headmolds.

      Many people automatically assume all similar molds are the same, but Volks are very good about remaking molds. For example, the H-02 and the H-03 are more commonly called the "Shirou and Tsukasa" hands, but this is incorrect.

      The H-02 are a completely new sculpt based on the Shirou hands, but they are not the same. These hands also sport a different hook system than the Shirou original as well. The H-03 right hand is not the hand Tsukasa comes with, but an entirely new sculpt. The left hands are very similar however, and may be the same, which could leave Tsukasa with one exclusive hand, just like Tokyo boy Isao.

      I'm sorry I can't make you believe what Volks themselves tell me :) But I trust their knowledge over my own eyes, and will go with what they say.
    14. So why is Ryo, out of all the standard dolls Volks has released, not available in the FCS (and never has been)? Doesn't make sense to me unless his head is already available because it is the same as Nono13's.
    15. Why don't you ask Volks themselves and see what they say? :) I'm sure I couldn't tell you why, though the most logical reason is that these heads are so similar that they didn't bother to add the latter head to the FCS list, especially what with the F07 and the F13 heads already.

      I'm still waiting for Volks to add Aya and SD Ken/Mika to the FCS, because the F14 and F18 heads are just not similar enough for me ;x
    16. Ken's right. It happened with the SD13 sister's head. Though they're the same head, something went wrong with Kira's and her eyes have more pointed ends. You can see it in the official photos. Someone must've realised and now the ones from the later batch seem to have that corrected.

      And Nono13 and Ryo 10 are the same head, can't mistake those cheeks anywhere.

      I dont think Volks will ever put exact replica heads of limiteds in their FCS. Pfft, You'll be waiting in vain.
    17. Not that I know anything about this, but I find it interesting that the pic of Ryo on Volks' website has this for its alt.text:

    18. XD!

      That's awesome. Simple copy and paste error, I'm sure, but the coincidence is hilarious. Thanks for sharing! XD
    19. Ryo and Nono13 are slightly different, I do think.. it has to do with the slight asymmetricalness in the eyes -- not different enough to make the second mold available via FCS. But then again, it doesn't seem different enough to bother manufacturing both of them either, so what do I know?

      As far as Nono10 and Nono13 goes, I think Nono13 *looks* better, but I prefer Nono10.. she's just got a unique sort of look to her that was lost in the 13 version.
    20. Well, I've submitted my reason for why I believe these heads are different, but I don't see how just saying they have the same cheeks prove that they are the same head. I think it would be extremely difficult to tell from just pictures alone.

      Unless someone can show me something official saying that they are the same heads, I will take Volks' word as final.