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Is VOLKS' site down?

Jul 19, 2005

    1. That's weird. They're such a big company. Never saw it down before. Very suspicious. O.o

    2. I'm not gonna try to translate it at the moment, but the first word in the message is "maintenance", so I'm sure it'll be back up soon. ^^;; It looks like they were planning maintenance all day today (but of course the day's mostly gone by now, over there).
    3. It says the site will have re-opened by 10am, Wednesday the 20th. ^_^ And it's not time yet.
    4. I'm glad someone could tell what was going on! It just shows up as a whole page of little boxes on my computer! lol
    5. It'll be up again in a few hours, don't worry.

      Volks shuts down the site occasionally to do regular maintenence. Thankfully, this includes updating links (ie. the page is there, but there's not link to it) and removing dead ones.

      I just wish they'd change their shopping page setup. As it is, it's a pain to go through.
    6. If you run the Japanese page through a translation site like OCN, you will find that it's a 24-hour scheduled regular maintenance, from 10AM on Tues. the 19th to 10AM on Wed. the 20th, Japan time zone.

      Annoying to us, but no cause for alarm.
    7. See? It's back, promptly on schedule.
    8. I was guessing it was maintenance.. but just when I wanted to look at something....
    9. Well, it's back up now, and I was just able to order a Nono there after registering. I was totally surprised.

      Is that new? I can't recall ever being able to order a doll from their website...........
    10. Well, it was possible to buy a doll before this round of maintanence, and for at least several months before that. ^_^ So it's not /that/ new. (congrats on your Nono, by the way!)
    11. I think they added some inventory, so there were some harder to get items available right after it came up. I got the Dollfie Dream body 2, which was sold out right before the site went down.

      However items sold out quickly. A couple things that were available when the site came up weren't after a little while.
    12. Thanks! I must have just kept hitting the "out of stock" times whenever I had tried previously (kind of like with Emilie and Lishe--just missed those recent windows of opportunity, apparently). I just figured you couldn't order online from the US, and I'm happy to see I was wrong :grin:

      At this rate, Mika will have many new siblings in time for Pam's next meetup...and one very broke mom <G>