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Is your doll based off an existing chara?

Mar 27, 2006

  1. Yes - he/she is based on a character from a movie, book, anime, etc.

  2. Yes - he/she is based off of an existing RP/story character

  3. No - he/she has their own personality, looks, etc.

  4. Both - I have some dolls based on existing characters and some not.

Multiple votes are allowed.
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    1. After looking at peoples' doll name stories, I'm curious XD Did you base your doll off of an existing chara? Off of a roleplay/story chara? Or did they evolve their own personality?

      I don't think I'll ever turn any of my RP charas into dolls... I don't have the monies XD I have four RP charas that live in my head to an extreme extent, so I'd have to get a doll for each one. (though that would be mad fun! >D An angel, an albino phoenix-man, a blue catboy, and a nerdy scientist...)

      But it seems a lot of people do turn their RP charas into dolls :O Which sounds like an awesome idea! And I'd love to hear about 'em, and why you decided to personify your chara in a doll! :3
    2. Mine just... happened. I made up a character named Michiko who had long brown hair that was curly at the bottom. My girl was going to be called Arisu, but decided she looked more like my character Michiko. ^_^
    3. Mi is sorta...everything on that list XD
      Whenever I am working on characters for a storyline, I always have one light-hearted, slightly underestimated "ditz", it seems. He also is influenced by an existing person, Miyavi. AND he is very unique in that he has characteristics that belong to none of those I mentioned. I guess he is everything I love squeezed into a single doll.
      Quinn is 100% unique.
    4. My dolls will be based off of my own personal characters that I have a story for (I also draw them a lot).

      For example, Anabelle is the incarnation of innocence and as soon as I saw the A-Reincarnation I knew that doll -was- Anabelle. I wasn't looking for an Anabelle doll, she found me.

      In contrast, my fiance has been looking for a sculpt that fits a character of his.
    5. All the dolls I plan on making are roleplay characters of mine, I try to go for sculpts that look the most like them, since I draw them as well.
    6. Sumiya's a bit based of the Sumiya from Hoshi no Yakata, a sm yaoi manga..actually, I had his personality and look kind of thought out before I discovered the manga, but still didn't have a name..then I read that and found Sumiya, who is very similar to my boy, both looks and personality wise ^^ So, I named him after that character..

      I still one day want to make a doll(Kiss XD)based of Dilandau from Escaflowne..*dreams*
    7. Sorta. I gave him his name and a few characteristics BASED on a cartoon character, but he is not actually supposed to be the character. If that makes sense.
    8. If you follow the link in my signature and go to my lj info page there are comparison pics and explanations for all my boys. Three of my four dolls are based on anime characters. My fourth boy is based on an anime character.
    9. Actually, only one of mine isn't based of an existant character, although 2 of the characters have no firm storyline written for them.
    10. Yes and No. ^_^

      Harumatsu... isn't. He didn't even have a name prior to his arrival at Turtle House. He's completely original to the doll.

      Seimei... half and half. I had the general idea of what and who he was before I ordered him, but a lot of his personality and the fine details won't be set until after he arrives. Again, though, that character only exists as the doll. He has no real roots beyond that, aside from a few casual references to his namesake.

      Tien Jen... is a composite of two of my tabletop RPG characters (A Sidereal from Exalted, and a blind fortune-teller from Weapons of the Gods), with additional influences pulled from a favorite manga character (D, from Petshop of Horrors). The resulting personality is essentially original, since he isn't all that much like any of the three source characters... but he definitely had "pre-existing influences".

      Nightengale... is the wild-card. He's almost entirely based on an existing character; an obscure background character, a guardian god-beast called the Nue, from the manga/anime series Harukanaru Toki no Naka de. He's only a head at the moment, and very much a "work in progress", so any individual personality he may develop hasn't had much of a chance to come out yet.
    11. my vamps and boys are based loosely on characters from the anita blake vampire series of books....

      I have Jean-Claude, Damie, Asher, Obsidian Butterfly and Nathaniel *wereleopard

      they have similar personalites.. but have their own to..

    12. Nathaniel! :aheartbea :aheartbea :aheartbea
    13. The doll that I am about to order isn't based on any particular character, but she is developing a character all her own in my head since I first conceived of her! There are two other dolls that I would eventually like to get sometime, and they would be embodiments of characters from a novel I wrote. I don't know if it will ever happen though! We'll see. :)
    14. One of my boys is solely my own character, the other is based off a video game character (look-ise) but developed his own personality and turned into a character of mine :3
    15. hmmm...

      Well, Claude is from the 'world' of a series of stories that I have been working on for about a decade, but he is not a direct character from there--meaning that he doesn't appear in any of the stories, nor is he mentioned in any way, but his backstory meshes with the existing stories and works as a side-story, one that will never find its way into the main series.
      Azvasena is referenced in the stories, but has never appeared in person...he is just mentioned, but is critical to the backstory of a lesser character in one of the main stories...so he comes directly from these stories, but I never knew his name or even very much about him until Claude told me....*smirk*
      ...the only true story-characters I have an urge to translate into doll form are my vampire twins, Simeon and Solomon, who are from the same series....they'd be so lovely....
    16. Three of mine are based off my story characters and the other two have personalities that developed on their own.
    17. Mine is going to be sort of based off a text based rp series that I'm planning on turning into a book. The name and background are basically the same, but the situation will be different, mainly for copyrite reasons. I wouldn't feel right about turning other people's characters into dolls of my own....despite the fact that Fall interacts with them a lot...

      So he's been tweaked, sort of. His reactions will be different from the "orginal" Fall, and yet he's still Fall.

      it's complicated.
    18. Lol, mine seems to have a new backstory or character everyday. I only have one doll, so sometimes it's fun to make up random things about him when I'm bored. He isn't based on any character, but I think he does strongly embody the type of character and characteristics that I'm fond of... ^_^
    19. Loren/Raden is based slightly on a character I wrote years ago when I was in school, but he's evolving away from that the more I think about it. Lenore is just herself, I cant imagine where I came up with her character (yes I can. I am totally disorganised, sloppy and spontaneous. She is my polar opposite)
      Yorda's character I thought up after seeing a picture of a Tender Zen with a dark wig...the expression on Dream od Doll told me exactly who she was, what she likes, how she acts...surprisingly none of my characters are doll form yet, but I guess thats because my characters are very adult, and not as pretty as dolls either!
    20. Yep. All my dolls are going to be based off of characters that I've created previously - I think I'd feel uncomfortable not knowing who's going to be in that big, friendly box when I open it up.