Is Your Doll Better Dressed Than You?

Feb 19, 2017

    1. Seeing as how I'm a jeans and t-shirt gal with no reason to dress up I find myself wanting to dress mine in stuff I would never get to wear on a regular basis for either not having an event or because I could never pull off the look. So, my dolls will be much better dressed than me.
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    2. Ich would dress me like my dolls but i cant find cloth like this for me, so yes my dolls always are better dressed then my :-D
    3. Yes, but I also don't think I'd want to be dressed up as much as them even if I were dressing up.
      One is currently wearing a custom made rococo inspired outfit mostly composed of blue silk. Great look for him. Not so much for me.
    4. I just received my first doll about 3 weeks ago so she doesn't have a lot of clothes yet but I always change her and love to make her new outfits and accessories. I have to dress professionally for work but when I am at home I usually just stick on a pair of sweat pants and t-shirt, so yes, she is definitely better dressed, and I am willing to spend way more money on her clothes and shoes than I am on my own!
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    5. I've worn Victorian Era clothing and don't mind it. If I could wear it out without people thinking I'm crazier than I am and calling the looneyes bin I would. There's just something about being dressed to the 9s.
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    6. Yes. All of them are. :sweat

      I would love to dress up in fancy outfits too, but I'm extremely self-conscious and do not have the confidence to pull off the look. As a result, I've just been wearing t-shirts and jeans 99% of the time. On the bright side, I can use the money saved on expensive outfits on my dolls...
    7. Short answer: yes! :XD: I mean I do have some fancy clothes myself but being in Finland and it's crappy weather in coast where I live I find it just impractical at most times.. Looking forward to summer so I can put on some nice dresses as well ^^
    8. Sometimes I love being a seamstress. The biggest cost is the fabric (which I can splurge on since I don't have to pay for labor, fittings, etc.)
      My dolls will definitely be better dressed than me because I have small amounts of leftover silk taffeta everywhere, along with other nice fabrics.
    9. well not at the moment, amour's currently in his underwear :lol: but clothes are on the way. even when he get his clothes im not sure if he'd be better dressed then me solely because his outfit kinda random looking. but it's still cute :whee:
    10. Haha, yes! I do also like to use my dolls to look pretty and wear all the things I can't or would look stupid in *ah wish fulfillment* :)
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    11. I don't know if they would be considered better dressed or not, but their clothes and shoes certainly cost more than I spend on myself!
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    12. Not really...
      At least I hope so :D My dolls wear Victorian era-inspired clothes, but a lot of their clothes are handmade by me, so it means a suspiciously high amount of funny stitches. And I wear otome-kei inspired clothes every day... So in the end, we are all about ruffles and laces.
    13. :aheartbea Always :aheartbea

      My dolls always dress better, and their clothes and shoes tend to be more expensive than mine. :sweat
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    14. Heh, sometimes. Although I do have a few dolls sitting around in track suits so that saves it from being 100% ;)
    15. I wear jeans and hoodies... that's about it, and I have a very small wardrobe, so yes, as soon as I can gather more clothing they will be WAY better dressed. Though Ridley my MSD will likely wear mostly jeans and hoodies and other casual clothing most of the time. I'm sure she will still be better dressed even in that though!xD
    16. All of my dolls are boys, and so technically there is no comparison to be made here. Style wise, they dress more formal I generally do, so I guess they do dress nicer than I as in appearing more impressive and presentable :)
    17. Hmmm sometimes or when I'm not at work! Only thing Id say is their clothes cost more than mine most of the time even though I make their clothes hahah xD
    18. Yes, lol. I can never find clothes I like and I'm too shy to wear the kinda clothes I really love so I just wear jeans and hoodies and junk all the time. I kinda live vicariously through my dolls that way.
    19. I would say most of the time, yes. Unfortunately, for practical reasons, I can't wear the clothing I outfit them in on a daily basis. 1. It would make getting in and out of a car a huge hassle. 2. It would be hard to sit for long periods with boning digging into your flesh. 3. Wigs get hot.
    20. Judging from all the outfits I've been looking at, my dolls will definitely be much better dressed than I am, ha. It almost makes me a little jealous.

      I am excited though; I've long been a fan of traditional East Asian styles of dress, but as I'm not from there I wouldn't feel comfortable wearing those kinds of clothing on my own body. On a doll, though... ;) That I can happily play with.
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