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Is your doll part of an elaborate "world"?

May 30, 2009

    1. Not sure if this is the right place for this. If not, please move it :?

      I wanted to ask this since I saw kawaiimon's Basic Overview in her DA FAQ (http://kawaiimon.deviantart.com/journal/18294705/)

      Is your doll part of an elaborate "world" or set-up? Perhaps including other peoples dolls as well? If not, does this idea intrigue you?
    2. All of my dolls based upon original characters are based upon stories I have written/planning. There are two different races represented by my OC dolls, and they all coincide with large, multilayered stories.
    3. All of mine are based off chars of mine from RPs with large backstories and lots of information on them. No one elses dolls are involved within that story though ongoing and new things can always crop up. Stories go on and on after all...
    4. My dolls come from an imaginary kingdom of D'etoilles.
      Where the Aristocrats en nobles wear historic clothing, refrain for 'modern' day stuff and still use historic etiquette. The higher your 'rank' the less modern stuff you use.
      My Kami who is a Marquis doesn't have cars, telephones but does have lighting, since only the king is totally absent from all modern things.
      The deal is: The more stuff people do for you instead of machines, the righer, more powerfull you are
      Commoners live just like they do in modern times.

      My dolls do have contacts with other dolls from different owners.
    5. Oh yes! Once I got into the photostory thing, it grew and grew... though it's random. I make up characters as I see dolls that I want, that inspire me. When I was a kid, I did the same with my dolls; they had names, families, adventures, backstories -- and now I get to do it again, with the best dolls ever. :D
    6. No and yes. Some of my dolls hapen to look like characters I write about, but some are just dollies. They do not have to be part of an made up world, some just happen to fit the part.
    7. Yes, they all belong to a world of some sort. It's not overly detailed as of yet because of the lack of characters but it's developing.

      Now if I had unlimited funds I would... >_>
    8. I'll give you the short answer: 'yes'. ;)
    9. Oh yeah. But they're also aware of being in "doll form", although their various spirits have several sources. That's actually an acommodation to my inability to provide detailed proportinate, permanent sets for them!

      I've never RP'd in my life. Everything comes from a lifetime of old-fashioned writing fantasy/SF. And as with all things episodic, the photostories often meander all over the place, depending on the characters being focused upon. There is a master plan, though--
    10. oh for sure! i always make elaborate stories and plot lines and their own realms and such!
    11. Mine are all connected through one main family (there are several smaller or lesser families surrounding the main one), have an extensive back story going back several generations, have their own system of rank and etiquette within the families, some are from towns I made up, and some own or work for bussinesses and a school that is part of the story, but it is all placed in a modern real world setting.

      I am working on another set of characters which would come from another set of dimensions but still be in the same universe as my first set of characters- they would likely not know each other's stories however.

      No one elses dolls share my dolls' setting but I would not be against the idea if a friend wanted to try to work their character into my characters' setting.
      I do have one friend who plans to get dolls one day- they will certainly be aquaintances.

      I enjoy reading about other peoples little "worlds." It is fascinating how creative some people are^^
    12. I have a couple different "storylines" for my OC dolls. My Io, Dimo and Bliss are all from the same semi-medieval AU, and my Chiwoo, Shiwoo, F-21 and Paris are part of another storyline that I loosely think of as "San Francisco Boys Story" (like the Tokyo Boys Story, because I'm lame like that). Both are mostly just in my head, though...the writing part of it has never really gotten off the ground, and I'm too lazy and talentless to do photostories. :sweat One day I'd like to write at least some of it down, though. When I get a little more un-lazy.

      All the rest of my dolls are anime character dolls and part of their own stories, of course.
    13. Includes some of my friend's dolls too.
    14. Yes they are. ;)
    15. My girl is alone right now, but once I get more babies/characters...I plan on beginning a whole series..^w^..♥ I'm excited!
    16. Yes. All my dolls are characters of two interconnected storiesgoing it the same (original fantasy) world.
    17. My dolls' world is technically "multi-fandom" (and there are actually fandom dolls involved, though many OC dolls as well)--a modern city named "Horizon" which once you're there, you can't leave, but you can communicate with other worlds. Within the world there will eventually be several storylines focused on the different groups of characters, but they will all share the same settings and whatnot~ Horizon was intentionally planned to be shared with my friends' dolls ^^

      Actually, building scale sets/environments is definitely one of the things that I enjoy doing with my dolls :)
    18. Haha, in a word, yes.

      My dolls are based on my characters; all of them interconnect somehow, and the weave is pretty complicated :D.
    19. My doll "D" is the main character in a short story I am working on, so I guess I would say yes xD Still saving up for the other 2 characters.
      Most likely none of my other characters from other stories will ever be made into dolls though.

      "MO", on the other hand, started as a practice head who recently got a body, but doesn't represent any real character just yet. But a small world is slowly being built around him the more I am with him.
    20. I like that short answer "Yes", covers it well without a two page summary.

      The only thing I will elaborate on is that my dolls and St. James' dolls are all members of the same group. :abambi: