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Is your doll's character a doll or a person?

Sep 7, 2007

    1. What I meant is does your doll's character know/acknowledge that it is a doll?
      Many people have characters and back stories for their dolls so I wanted to know does your doll's character profile include simple things such as likes, dislikes, and basic personallity or does it include that plus family history, back story, where he/she works, has a family, or attemds school.
      Does your dolls character interact with you, live in your house as a doll or does it live in an imaginary fairy wourld or version of our own world where he/she is a person, not a doll.
      I don't even have my doll yet and have all ready started on his back story and gone so far as to write out a family history and current family members(some of which I already have another doll in mind for)(Not a DIM just a doll that is in my mind:sweat )
      I have even started creating, in my mind, an imaginary country where he is supposed to have originated from! I have always loved developing emaginary characters & civilizations even before BJD. My dolls will not be dolls in my house; they will represent characters. What about you and your dolls?
    2. I think most people seem to view their dolls as people or characters. I see my gang as very much alive in their own way, but they live as dolls in my house. They have personalities, likes, dislikes, etc. I don't have elaborate backstories for them, primarily because I look at them as friends of mine and I like interacting with them that way. I think if I considered them to be representations of people who had full lives and homelands, I couldn't be as close to them. I suppose, I think if they were to have rich, multi-faceted lives outside of my home, what would they be doing wasting time hanging out in my house in MD.? :lol:
    3. That's interesteing Misa1. Maybe now I can make my question more clear.

      That is what I meant, are your dolls your friends or are they representation of characters from a story.
      My first post is too long I think. Sorry.
    4. The characters that my dolls represent were formed long before I even touched the BJD fandom. So, in that respect, no the characters aren't aware they are 'dolls'.

      To me, they are just physical representation of my own characters. Nothing more. Any personality they have is based on my projections, not the doll itself.
    5. My dolls are also "people-characters," and I've also had them as characters before I started into the BJD hobby. :) I know the story of their lives and their immediate family. <3<3 What more, the SDs and MSDs don't interact, or even show up in photos together, because they're in separate "worlds" as well! <3 I wouldn't have it any other way, but it does sometimes make photoshoots difficult-- having my person-character trying to climb human-sized stairs, for example. x_x Doesn't work so well~!
    6. My doll's characters are completely aware that they are dolls. I find I have a bit more fun that way, making photostories about the horrors of re-stringing and shenanigans with spare parts and eyes lying about...

      I think creating a 'dolls world' is more fun, for me, than just having another world like ours to play with :/
    7. They're representations of my characters, so people... but they still interact with me and their world as though they're dolls... or little people. I think it's cute like that X3
    8. Ya, mine are like that too. .^^

      I mean, they're little people.... I guess. They have entire profiles and professions and back stories and I've even given them voice actors and everything. But they're still dolls, and they're aware of that fact. (well.. part of Günter's story at first was that he was having a hard time coming to terms with his doll-ness, but he's over it now XD )
    9. Hmmmm I could pretend my 1/6 scale are people in their own world (and they are too small to really feel like part of real life), but my SD10 is at a large scale and sits around most of the day on a full-size chair doing nothing, or possibly losing her hair and getting her feet twisted around to fit in her boots... if she were a real *person* she'd be really angry at all this.... So I think she's got to at some level be a doll :sweat
    10. Mine are characters in their own world which has nothing to do with my life. I don't interact with them as dolls. In fact in their world I don't exist. Some of them have more complete backstories than others but I'm always adding to my knowledge of their lives as more ideas come. I rather enjoy just looking at them & letting my imagination soar.
    11. My dolls know that their dolls and live in a doll world. They both have backgrounds/likes/dislikes and are orphans that came to live with me.
    12. Well, this one really got me thinking, and questioning myself (my sanity!?) a little too!
      not sure if I have interpreted the question right but my dolls are dolls that live in my house... BUT... they do have backgrounds, family history and their own personalities that I have created for them.
      I have always thought of them as dolls but when I dig a bit deeper they are more than that I guess. Once you create a personality for them they become so much more than "just a doll", They are my little friends;)
    13. My guys existed for over a decade before I got them as dolls, in some cases - they're fully-formed characters with long and involved backstories/family ties and whatnot completely apart from me. As dolls those characters are a little more blended with the real world: obviously they aren't on their planet anymore, but they're visiting this place instead and must deal with everything being rather larger than they're used to. It barely ever comes up in photostories etc because it's simply not an important part of their characterisation or their story at all, and they go about much as they normally would in their real home. They'd probably sneer and have some choice words to say at the suggestion that they were dolls, in fact.
    14. I think I bought Sefa out of impulse. I mean I bought a DOC YEN to represent FFVII child Kadaj, but the mould couldn't make it. :...(

      Hence he becomes what he is currently, a companion/friend/character that knows his awfully scary size, knows that he is a doll, don't know why he is here and certainly DON'T know why I bought him. His only existing backstory is that he is a keyblade weilder, similar to Roxas (NOT 100%, and NOT ROXAS, cause my fandom shifted to Kingdom Hearts II, go me......:| ), and has an ice-elemental brother and a fire-elemental hated brother-in-law out of the blue...........:sweat

      But for a impulse buy, he is getting along with me well, and developed some attitudes and relationships nows. :XD:
    15. My dolls have stories, families, personalities and all that jazz. They behave like people and such when around each other, in their own little world. So i'd say my doll's character is a person.

      However when it comes to interacting with them, i treat them as dolls.
    16. My dolls are characters. But they info and what not are character-people. But I treat them like characters.
    17. For me, I think it depends.
      Most days they know they're dolls to me, but to themselves they're characters on their own.

      Woo... did that make any sense at all? :sweat
    18. My doll is neither a doll nor a character, per se. She's just a person, living in the here and now. When I got her, I didn't have any preconceived idea of who she was going to be, but she's revealed herself, bit by bit, since she arrived. She's constantly evolving :)
    19. My dolls are alive!! :lol:
      All right, they're not really, but when I play with them, they are ^^
      They have a complete background, with siblings, parents, secrets, friends, etc. And they're nature and personnality are based on some of my own characters mixed with real people and manga/anime characters...
    20. I think of my doll's character as a person from another universe where everything is a bit smaller than it is in our world. So he finds our world a bit odd with everything so giant and with technology like cars and Tv but I'm sure he'll settle in fine once I force him to watch lots of soaps on the Tv haha.