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Is your limited doll numbered? And do you care?

Nov 3, 2007

    1. Well, I'm getting a bit ahead of myself here, but my eventual goal is to make dolls for sale. (You can find my current WIP in my signature, if you're curious.)

      Since I'll be casting them myself, and since I know I'm always going to be more interested in sculpting the next one than I am in pouring resin, I'm expecting to produce a limited quantity of any given sculpt. So I'm wondering if I should decide in advance how many I'm going to make, and number them accordingly (i.e., "23/50" for the 23rd cast in an edition of 50), or if I should just cast however many I cast. I like the idea of having a sense of completion when I finally cast 50/50... but it does mean I might hate the sculpt by the time I'm done. Or conversely, that I might still like it, and wish that I'd numbered it higher.

      So, what do people prefer? Do you like knowing that your doll is a specific one of a specific limited number? Or does it not matter that much? If I don't pick an "edition size" in advance, is it still valid to call the doll "limited"? Should I still number them as I go?
    2. I like knowing the number. it makes me go "ooo cool!!" XD
      but that's just me.
      I do care... though i only have one doll with a recognizable number >,> everyone else has a massivly large number >,> well at least Keiji does. Sage doesn't have a number...but Kae does (my volks ayumu) at least i think that's what that is XD
    3. I would do something similar to how SOOM does their 4-5 day dolls. Every few months you open up a mold for orders for a few days, and then don't offer it again for a few months. Then you can keep your old molds alive, /if you want/, or discontinue them if you don't like them. If you want limited to be part of the appeal, remember you can always go back into an old mold and add elf ears, close the eyes for a dreaming look, ect for future editions.
    4. Hellsing: Yeah, I think I'd feel that way too, if I had a limited doll. But I don't know how common it is for people to care.

      Buff: I don't want to pre-sell, just because I think it would be more stressful. But I do plan to do small "batches" and then put them up for sale every few months. The only question is if I should be counting each doll against an eventual final tally, or not.
    5. I think it's quite nice to know your limited's number. If by "edition size"you mean knowing how many were made, I think it is still valid to call them limited. After all, I think my yugiri is number 53 (judging by the number inside of her head), but I have no idea at all how many were made. It would be something i'd be interested in knowing, but it doesn't change whether she's limited or not.

      So numbering as you go is a good idea, even if only to satisfy yourself when you know you've made so many of them.
    6. I think all dolls should have numbers. That way if they are stolen or lost they can be identified. Plus it is fun to know!
    7. Of my limiteds, my Yuki and Kasumi have numbers; my Elf El, Nanuri, Ayumu and Rengemaru don't. It doesn't bother me either way, really - it's interesting to see the number, but other than that brief flicker of interest I must admit I find other parts of the doll far more captivating than a little number on their headcaps~! :3nodding:
    8. whoa, Kasumi have numbers?! *looks at Versailles' headcap* well, that's cool... I guess.

      she's my only limited doll, and I didn't even realize she's numbered. :] whoop-de-doo.
    9. Mmmm, I think the only limited with a number here is my UH-14.

      I don't really care, it's just nice to see some of them are numbered though XD
    10. No, my limited was sold for a certain time period. I think that actually makes him more limited, since I haven't really seen many Oracle M's around...

      But numbers are sorta interesting.
    11. My elf yder is like number 7. My elf el...no idea, just one of 90 worldwide. Chiwoo elf? No idea. Harang? No idea. Lu-Wen? No idea. Nanuris? No idea.

      Would I like to know? yeah, for my own amusement.
    12. I have a Special K, I dunno if he's numbered...but I would be kinda cool to have #8 out of 50 or something (but he's always #1 with me! *cheezy grin*).

      So, yeah, I'd like to know numbers. Just as a random factiod! :)
    13. I got a breakaway and a sch c, and I could give a shake of a rat's ass as to how limited they are. In general, numbers mean zilch to me as far as 'omg they are this limited ,_o_,' so.. I tend to ignore it.
    14. The numbers aren't important, but are fun to know.

      It kinda makes them a bit more special. :)
    15. Yeh fun because they can feel more special but its forgotten again. I think if you are on here selling its clear your doing very small production numbers so no proof is needed in that sense. I wouldn't limit yourself to x amount ball jointed doll lovers are going to buy it if they love it either way.
    16. My Dion isn't numbered V.V

      I don't really mind but it would be cool to have one
    17. I think if you think you'd enjoy doing it that way, then you should!

      50 is a big run for an artists doll, though! Your mold may not hold out that long...
    18. My (original release) Elf El and Elf Lishe... and Elf Yder have numbers assigned to them (on a certificate). I think numbers would be great, but since most doll companies don't actually have limited editions that are numbered and limited to a set number, I can't really care that much. *_*
    19. My Latidoll Kahn is meant to be numbered, he has a certificate and all but Lati forgot to fill it in! This doesn't worry me at all, except that should I ever (which isn't likely) want to sell him on I would worry that it might affect the sale.

      Him being a numbered edition didn't really come into the equation when I bought him, I just loved the sculpt and his clothing and face up. I don't go for numbered over other dolls, just what and who I like.
    20. Eh, I don't see my limiteds as limiteds. I totally forget I have limited dolls sometimes. I don't care about numbers. I don't think I'd even look.