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IsLand Doll Discussion

Jan 14, 2011

    1. Hasn't found here a theme devoted to the big dolls from site IsLand.

      At me from this site SD (59 sm.) Ania (Ellie).
    2. @Moymishka - Ellie is so much cuter in person than in her product photos! Do you have any more pictures of her that you can post? I'm trying to find a good match for Island Doll Eric. I don't love any of the company stock photos of the SD sized Island Doll girls, but your Ellie looks great!
    3. X3 Hello~ I just wanted to let yins know that there is now a Island Doll wiki!

      I must say, browsing through the different dolls 'n at, the SD-sized girls are gorgeous! I'm a particular fan of Vivian!
    4. I'm so glad there is a thread for these dolls. I've been looking at them for some time and would just love to see more owner pics. I like Vivian and Amber.
    5. Hi all you SD owners! I just want to invite everyone to be sure to post your Island Dolls to the Database here: http://www.denofangels.com/forums/sh...-Doll-Database

      It's a fun way to show off your cutie in all of his/her glory! :fangirl: Let's show everyone how amazing Island Doll beauties really are!

      There are some great pics of Vivian in the database already, But it would be fantastic if any Jane, Karl, Austin, Amber, Eric, Nolan, Aurora, Florian, Damien, or Ellie owners would post their dolls too. It's a great way to help out people who are considering specific SD-sized sculpts, skintones, and faceup options to get a detailed view of Island Dolls so that they feel really confident about investing. ;)
    6. I definitely want to see some pictures of Eric. He's looking so perfect for the next doll I have planned but I always feel more secure when I get to see owner pics.
    7. Not sure when I'll afford him yet but I'm determined to have Nolan and will proudly post photos as soon as possible.
      I have the Wallace MSD boy and I'm very impressed. I like the feel of the resin and the decent choice of skin colours. I too would love to see any pics of the bigger ones and will be keeping my eyes peeled on here :)
    8. I'm saving for an Austin now. I have a character who's older than most of mine (he's 33) and that mold is just perfect for him! :D
    9. I'm looking into an island doll amber myself. I just wanted to know how the owners feel about the resin? Is it really like french? I own a Senior Delf and a few minifee and wondered if anyone was able to give me a bit of a comparison to those (weight feel, fragilness). Also can they wear general SD13 clothes or are they of a special size?
    10. I was trying to find pics of the boy head sculpts and the different Island Doll SD bodies available. I found all the male bodies and blank head photos of Nolan, Eric, and Austin (on said bodies) on the Island Doll website under the 'body pictures' section (http://www.islanddoll.com/en/Product.aspx?ClassId=37&ClassId2=42) in the appropriate size category.
    11. Hi,
      I'm looking for owner pics of Jane. I love her face - I think she reminds me of someone famous, like a European actress, but I don't know who. So far my searches have turned up zilch. I'll subscribe to this thread anyway. Look forward to seeing other people's dolls.
    12. I have always thought that Jane looked like she was based off of Jennifer Ehle. Jennifer famously played Elizabeth Bennet in Jane Austin's Pride and Prejudice (1995) alongside Colin Firth, who played the very dashing Mr. Darcy (and who, in my opinion looks very much like Island Doll Austin [imagine him with dark eyes and hair]). The names of these two dolls may also be a further indicator of their inspirational sculpt origins (Jane and Austin...).

      Personally, I also think that Vivian looks A LOT like Anne Hathaway. For those who don't know, Anne, interestingly enough, played Jane Austin herself recently in 'Becoming Jane'. Perhaps Island Doll is targeting a specific audience of Jane Austin fans with these lovelies... :D
    13. I agree. Jane does look like she wandered out of a Jane Austen novel or adaptation! I've been tempted to get her a regency dress just to test her out, but I also have modern ideas for her. I actually thought Island Doll Karl would make an interesting Mr Darcy - if you put him in historical costume. He's on my wishlist too.
    14. I think Karl is such a gorgeous doll. So soft and deep looking, but in that crazy geurilla fighter getup! Such an interesting lip shape too! I wonder who he's based on :)
    15. I'm glad I found this thread. Saw mention of Island Doll elsewhere, but the link in the Links Out/BJD Companies thread only leads to the Asian-language site, and I couldn't get any pictures of anybody but the tinies!
    16. Are Austin and Karl recent Island Doll releases? I am sooooo interested in seeing them in owner pictures but haven't found anything, so figured they are pretty new. If so, has anyone ordered them??
    17. I was interested in Karl too, but had the same problems finding owner pics. Austin came out the same month as Jane, which was in January, and I couldn't find any Janes at all before I ordered mine!
    18. Yeah, I figured as much. It doesn't seem like they are very popular (yet) but I really like the sculpts on their newer dolls! I think they have potential to look really good and am seriously considering Karl or Austin in the future.

      And your Miranda is beautiful! She looks even more like Jennifer Ehle like someone here mentioned earlier in owner pics. Since you are obviously an Island Doll owner, how do you like their resin? Probably like most people it makes me a little nervous finding something new being offered.
    19. As I understand it, there are two types of resin available: Canadian EV (which I believe is the one my doll is made of), and Japanese resin (I'm not entirely sure whether this is urethane). But the Japanese resin, when I looked, was only available in a limited number of colours. Whereas the EV resin was available in all. Also, the UK dealer I bought from didn't seem to list the difference between the two, mentioning only EV, so I'm not sure whether Japanese resin is available from all the dealers, or whether you have to ask for it. I have an HZ doll which has a lovely luminous environmental resin, but I'd say the Island Doll EV resin isn't quite as translucent. The Island Doll colour though is lovely and warm to look at.

      Here's a page at Wind Dolls, the French dealer, which shows a body and the two resin versions available:


      There's only three colours available in Japanese resin.