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Island Doll Forest Island

Dec 30, 2016

    1. I hope this is an okay place to put this? I'm new and awkward to forums heh

      but Island doll on alice's collection has an event and everything in 20% off and I AM WEAK i've been eyeing nuan nuan for a while and its on sale for $88 but the faceup and clothes are extra and im yelling
    2. [​IMG] Shes so cute :love I'm torn I could get her with just clothes and no faceup to lessen the price, or I could wait until I have the money for everything, but it wont be on sale then and she's further down on my list of dolls to get. To impulse buy or not to impulse buy... that is the question.
      (im lowkey anxious this isn't the right place to put this aaa)
    3. Hello there :D

      Well, if there is one thing I can share of my experience with Island Doll, then it's that their dolls are well-made and a joy to pose.

      As for wether to buy or not to buy right now and just the doll or go all out...
      I usually decide things by asking myself things like 'do I need the doll right now? is it really okay to spend that kind of money right now?' (you mentioned her being slightly discounted right now due to an event. As far as I know IslandDoll has an event at least once a year, so if it's no urgent need-to-buy-right-now thing, you could wait for the next time and snatch her up then - also give you time to set aside the money for the fullset, I admit I'm not sure if 20 % off is a regular occurance, but you chould check out former events by the company to get a feel of what you can expect of this particular company in terms of events)

      The the next really important questions: Face-up and clothes and other extras.
      Do you really need them? Are they exactly as you want them? Or are they more or less just a waste of money in the long run, since you actually want a different style for her and it's just so she isn't nude or/and blank?

      Least of all, since you mentioned she's further down on your list of dolls-to-get, personally I'd pass on her and rather save up the money to get dolls topping your list, when you can, especially in case you can get one of THOSE on discount or with extras ;P

      That's just my personal oppinion, of course ;)
      But maybe running through those questions on your own will help you make up your mind and come to a decission. :D
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    4. You bring up good points my pal
      #4 Clloud, Dec 30, 2016
      Last edited: Dec 30, 2016
    5. Thank you for your input! ^-^ though the offer is tempting, I think i am going to wait a while for her... you brought up some good points, as did my mother lol! i'll just save a bit and later on get her after I have executed plan "acquire-bunnie's-brother" so i'm not using all the money I just got paid XP
    6. Yo, I've literally been having the same problem lol, I love mian mian and an an, and this 20% off sale is really tempting!!! I'm trying to save up for other dolls tho, so I gotta be careful but it's so hard!!!! Since i don't think they're limited I'm gonna wait until next year ;v; I'll keep pining tho
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    7. Ah, I really want a Nuan Nuan myself! He's super cute. I'm waiting, though, because it would be an impulse buy. I'm really trying to cut down on those and plan my purchases out. With the secondhand market being so bad, I would like to be sure I am going to like a doll before receiving it.
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    8. Hey!
      I ordered An An through Alice's Collection, I hope to receive it before May, because it is for a birthday present. This is my first order for Island Doll Company. What are their deadlines for a fullset BJD? (An An with makeup and clothes)
    9. WHAT are your opinions of Mian Mian? Does the doll stand on it's own or have floppy legs? Am hoping to get one. Saw them when they first came out but didn't want to spend the money. Now I have the opportunity.

      REVIEWS PLEASE!!! Thank you!