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Island Doll - New Amy 2 [MSD] - Now for Preorder - Free Shipping Special

Nov 16, 2009

    1. Wow. Gorgeous!

      Will it be possible to buy the outfit on it's own seperate, or will it only be available in Amy 2's fullset?
    2. Does Amy 2 have the same body as the first Amy? If not, can we get pictures?
    3. The dress is available seperately now, you should be able to find it under the IDoll MSD clothing section. ~ http://www.featherfall.ca/store/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=303_279_285&products_id=2125

      Yes it is the same body as the first Amy.

      Don't forget if you are going to use FreeShipping to input the code during check out as we can't retroactively add it after the purchase is completed.
    4. Are the two amy's the SAME head mold? this one looks totally different but why does she have the same name?
    5. still waiting for my question to be answered.
    6. Sorry, I didn't see your question.
      I'm an Island Doll dealer, and I can tell you the face is diferent than the first one.
      It has some changes, and in my opinion is more beautifull than the first one ^_^
      I hope to help you if you have more questions, don't doubt to ask ^^
    7. Is only the faceup different, or is the entire head mold different? How is it different? Are examples of the changes available, and is there any way to still get Amy-1?
    8. I contacted Featherfall and was told you still could get the Amy 1 faceup and that the mold is the same for both Amy 1 & 2. Just the face-up is different. I, too, like the faceup on Amy 1 better than version 2.
    9. Amy -1 can still be ordered on the site: http://www.featherfall.ca
      What we have been told by Island Doll is that is the same exact doll, just with a different faceup and fullset options.
      You'll get answers faster through our customer service, as we are rarely on these forums.