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Island Doll Tinies

Sep 23, 2009

    1. I agree - Featherfall is really awesome. The Cookie doll is totally cute. I'm going to order a couple of Resinsouls from them for Christmas, I think.
    2. Yes Feathjerfall is awesome and MY LITTLE ONE COMES IN TODAY!... I guess I am the only one who got one... man that's so weird
    3. I can't help but wonder why all the photos of this doll show her with such yellow skin? I'm all for the concept of environmentally-friendly resin, but if it's yellow, it will be a hard sell to the BJD community, I think.
    4. I recall seeing one for sale in the marketplace a few days ago.
    5. They look adorable. I would like Cookie's face for a boy doll, though...
    6. I will post pictures of her with my Yosd. She is slightly yellow but it's not that bad, imho. The lighting in my apartment is rather in the yellow tones which didn't help. We have rather overcast and rainy conditions and I am waiting for clear weather to take more pictures.

      I think the pictures on the website are pictures of the prototypes. which is a lot of times the case even with more known companies.
    7. they did a boy doll and I am pretty sure the head mold is the same as Cookie.
    8. I ordered Cookie from Featherfall, too, at the beginning of September, but she hasn't even shipped yet. :( I thought maybe it was the company, but if you've gotten yours now, I think I'll go ahead and send an email!
    9. I was in a hurry because I was taking care of my mother's post-operation (which got cancelled so I hurried up for nothig >.< ) They didn't receive Island doll boxes but they asked me if I wanted to have mine with the box or not. I didn't really care about the box, so they sent me the doll. Yours is probably about to ship. :) But do e-mail them and be sure to add your order number so they can find your order fast.
    10. They had already replied back when I got up this morning. Apparently they do have her, but the dollzone outfit I ordered with her is the thing that's holding up the shipment. >_< I thought it had come back in stock, but apparently I misread. So a couple more weeks and I'll be able to share pics as well. :)
    11. aaaah darn I wish the time flies fast so you can have your little one soon :)
    12. They look different to me... heh, I'll just wait till there are more owner pics, I guess.
    13. I'm looking at http://www.islanddoll.com/ (I found the address from images on Featherfall) at the moment and wondering why it's covered with images from Dream of Doll. :\ While I do think Cookie is really pretty, I can't help but feel suspicious about the company...
    14. This is my Island doll Cookie, her name is Trinket. She's here with my little girls Angelina Ballerina mice, their clothes fir her perfectly. I can't say anything bad about this doll, I love every inch of her and her skin feels so super smooth and wonderful to touch. All the Ann Estelle patterns fit her too, so anyone who likes to sew has lots to choose from! I can't wait to get her brother too :D

    15. She's really cute!
    16. Oh wow, she's beautiful! I love the wig and eye change. The pupil-less ones always look creepy to me.
      What size wig is that, Kissyfacegirl? I'm hoping to give her pink one to one of my other ones.

      Still haven't gotten a ship notice for mine. They told me it would be a couple more weeks at the end of last month, but I guess that dang dollzone outfit's really holding things up. I'm contemplating getting their MSD before the promo is up, but I'd like to see the quality of Cookie first. *sigh*
    17. I know how you feel Zallia, I haven't received a shipping notice either, and I just got the standard doll... She really is a gorgeous doll. I've been going insane for the past 2 months!
    18. What size shoes fit this doll? Yo-SD sizes seem too big for the measurements they listed, I was thinking about getting shoes from pullip dolls but I'm afraid they'd be too small.

    19. Well the wig she is wearing is Monique Gold Wig Pretty Girl 6/7, it fits perfectly.

      The shoes I am using I bought off this page here: http://www.jujusdollymall.com/cgi-bin/dept?dpt=H&srch=DW&tier2=6

      I originally bought them for my Moona's but out of curiosity I tried them on "Cookie" and they work fine too. Theres a little room at the end so she can wear socks or tights.