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Island Doll's lovely Cookie!

Aug 26, 2009

    1. Island Doll's lovely Cookie!

      This lovely tiny doll is available for pre-order at Featherfall:


      To commemorate Cookie's Launch, from September 1st to September 30th,2009 when you purchase a full doll you will receive a faceup, wig, glass eyes, and outfit for free!

      She is double-jointed, made from environmental resin.

      Cookie's Measurements:

      * Height: 26cm
      * Head:16cm
      * Eye size: 14mm
      * Neck size:6cm
      * Shoulder width: 6.5cm
      * Waist size: 12cm
      * Hip size: 13.5cm
      * Arm length: 7cm
      * Leg length:10.5cm
      * Ankle width: 4.3cm
      * Foot length: 3.8CM
      * Foot width: 1.7CM


    2. Hi-
      They are the same ones shown.
    3. Idoll's response:

      "non-solvent-based resin of environmental protection, its strength is more strong than ordinary resin"
    4. Where is Island Doll located? I tried Googling it, but couldn't find it...
    5. They are a Chinese company, and don't have a website of their own yet.
    6. I just ordered her last week I can't wait! She's so adorable!