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Island Dolls Mini Discussion part 1

Oct 2, 2005

    1. [​IMG][​IMG]

      I thought the similarities were open for discussion. Not sure if this dolly debate section was a proper place, so mods please move if you feel it necessary.

      Aren't these two similar?

      Could Island doll have copied Iplehouse's "Amy" and did some modifications to make her not a copy? They're both MSD.

      I sent this to the Mods and they'll decide if there's too many similarities that makes it a copy, however I thought it would be open for discussion here.

      What do you think?
    2. Besides the features being similar [the eyes are a bit different, but..] both face's have a similar roundness to them...hmmm...

      Wow, I never even thought about this!:? Do you think it could be true?!

      EDIT: Do the mods have a verdict? Copy or just, unfortunately for IslandDoll, coincidentally named and similar? O__O [When I first saw IslandDoll Amy I thought she was sooo cute, so I hope everything here turns out to be fine. >__<;;;]
    3. The only thing I see in common is a soft face with parted lips - the lips are even a slightly different shape at that. The jawline on ID's Amy is more square, her nose smaller and the spot below more defined, her eyes are a different shape. I think they are similar to a degree, but a copy? No.
    4. Besides the name and the size, there's nothing similar about these two. Island Doll's girl is more angular, has a completely different eye shape, and a much smaller nose than Iplehouse Amy.

      If I were a new doll company, I would live in fear of one of these "copying" threads being made about my product. Do you realize how damaging an unproven accusation like this can be to a company? Unless it's completely obvious that one sculpt is a ripoff of another, PLEASE think hard about creating one of these threads.
    5. They're both msd size girls with wide faces, large eyes and partly open-ed mouths. Since the first two are characteristic of most msd girls, I don't think there's much similarity at all. We wouldn't even notice a similarity if they weren't named the same.

      Maybe we should get together some care packages of English baby name books and send them to the doll companies.
    6. My sincere apologies for making any accusation in this statement of out-right rip-off copying, it was not my intent.

      I do understand that in sculpting dolls one will come across similarities such as these.

      Especially for new companies, they should be wary of their competitor-companies sculpts and watch out for things like similar styles of molds and names.
    7. No, they are very different, actually--the noses, chins, mouths, eyes, and jaw lines are all quite different. The doll on the right has a more rounded, softer look. Apart from both being sweet looking females and having the lips parted, they have little in common.

      It's not uncommon for different companies to use some of the same sculpt names, especially when the names are common human ones--it doesn't mean anything. And as I don't see how the two dolls really look that much alike, I don't see how similar style is an issue here.
    8. Aside from their size (which is 1/4 standard), their names (which have no connection to sculpt), and the fact that you can see both of their teeth (which is not uncommon, especially in "little girl" sculpts), I see nothing similar about these dolls.
    9. I agree with what others have said... other than the fact that they're sweet-looking 1/4-sized girls, I don't see any similarity in the sculpt. The shape and placement of features is very different, and there's even a difference in head circumference if the measurements on the sites are correct. (Island Doll's girl takes 6-7 wigs, while Iplehouse's wears 7-8 wigs). The eye shape and placement is different on both sculpts as well.

      The same name is likely just a coincidence. "Amy" is an extremely-popular girl's name in English-speaking countries (I should know... I was always "Amy H." in school because there was inevitably at least one other Amy in my classroom).

      I agree that some healthy precautions are necessary and good, but sometimes I wish some more effort and research would go into the possibility before these kinds of threads are posted.
    10. She does resemble IH's Amy...maybe, with the right faceup, they could even play twins :pcake
    11. This is not really a debate, so I've moved it to the mini discussion subforum.

      Personally I don't think ID Amy is a copy of IH Amy. If you're going to copy something, the first thing you'd change is the name. The spaces and proportions and volumes of the two faces are completely different.
    12. I'm interested in getting IH Amy as I have a daughter named Amy. Islanddoll Amy is different. The nose is a lot finer, the mouth curves up less. She looks to me like one of the chinese sculptors saw the IH Amy liked it and decided to make their own version. The body is also original. She doesn't look like a ripoff which would be identical. Islanddoll Amy is a pretty doll, but I still prefer Iplehouse Amy more.
    13. I think they look very different except the teeth showing and slight smile. The name is likely a coincidence - another Amy here, there are TONS of us around. I do wonder at the frequency of use of the name "Amy" by BJD companies. It was the most popular name in much of the 70's, but has fallen since then. I wonder if there's a reason it seems popular for BJD sculpts?

      The only BJD sculpt I've seen named Amy that I've liked at all is still Souldoll's, incidentally.
    14. I think it migth be prudent to do thorough research before making any accusations of plagerism and copyright violations. In case of one genre of dolls, which do tend to look the same to non-enthusiasts already, it is best to have the physical items on hand. In this case, even from the photos, the two girls look completely different.

      Seeing how there are only so many types of human faces suitable for doll making, I will not be surprised by similar face sculpts. Similar body sculpts, on the other hand...
    15. Actually, they are very similar - to the point where I think the sculptor may have been "inspired" by the Iple Amy.

      It's definitely not a direct copy though, because there are many dissimilar features; but at the same time there definitely is a resemblance that I'd be unwilling to fully attribute to pure coincidence.
    16. Just wanted to share some info with future Island Doll Amy owners:

      I inquired about Amy's wig size via JPopDolls. They told me she wears 6-7" wig. ;)
    17. Hiya, I have searched the forums and can't find any reference to this; Both Iplehouse and IslandDoll have minis called Amy. The sculpts are to my eyes remarkably similar. Can anyone shed any light on this? Are they the same doll? Are Iplehouse and Island doll related like Bobobie and Resinsoul? If I'm being thick and this has been discussed, PLEASE point me in the right direction - my search on Amy didn't throw up any results, which I find weird. Thanks All!
    18. Which "amy" are you particularly interested in finding? The search does not currently work with three-letter words, however there are work-arounds for it. What company are you interested in?