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IslandDoll Bru Discussion

May 16, 2018

    1. Thought I would make a thread for these little cuties! They seem to be produced in limited runs. I was able to get mine through ACBJD, and DDE had some on preorder also ^^


      Head height 18cm
      Eyeball 24mm
      Head circumference 22cm
      Neck circumference 4.6cm
      Shoulder width 4.2cm
      Arm length 4.6cm
      Bust 9.2cm
      Waist 11cm
      Hip 12cm
      Leg length 4cm
      Foot length 2.7cm
      Foot width 1.4cm
    2. [​IMG]
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    3. They’re so cute!!!!!! Like little toddlers!
    4. Hello, thank you for making this thread! I'm new to the forum and I've been looking for info about these cuties but couldn't find much. I ordered Gloomy Bru about a month ago and I can't wait for him to be here (I think he will be a boy).
      Your Bru is super sweet!! is she wearing a 9" wig? And is their eye size really 24 mm? :ablink:
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    5. @AprilRainbowBet , congrats on your order! Where did you get him from? I tried contacting ID directly about them and got no response.

      And yes,she has an 8/9 wig and 24mm eyes from etsy. The dress is for pukifee:)
      #5 Cydril, May 17, 2018
      Last edited: May 17, 2018
    6. @Cydril I puchased him directly from ID about a month ago. I asked them about adding face-up and other options, and after I placed my order I noticed they updated their website. I think now you can add all the options you want and check out through there :) Have you tried Legend Doll as well? That’s where I saw Bru for the first time but I live in the US and I believe LD is overseas, so I ended up ordering directly from ID.

      And thank you for the info about their size! I got a wig and eyes from etsy, and I was worried they wouldn’t fit right :XD: I will look at pukifee clothes too!
      #6 AprilRainbowBet, May 18, 2018
      Last edited: May 18, 2018
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    7. Hello)
      Bru lives with us too)))
      [​IMG]IMG_7872 by altoy, on Flickr
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    8. Cydril Thank you so much)
    9. I think she is the cutest. Thanks for sharing.
    10. Emajn2 Thank you very much) I really love her)
    11. It does not say anything about them being produced in limited runs on Alice's Collections. Sorry, my English is not the best. By limited runs, do you mean that they are limited and if I do not order soon I'll lose the chance to own one? Or is it just that they can be ordered from time to time but only a small number is sold each time?

      I feel so tempted to order one, but at the same time I'm very unsure if these dolls are my cup of tea. I do have plans to own a couple of anime styled and anime like dolls of different kinds. I imagine ordering one in a darker skin tone, and style it in an adorable colorful anime nekomimi style. Maybe a sunburned, tan or dark tan Naughty.
    12. @manabusama , back when I ordered mine they werent offered through AC and I was told they were limited (They only offered one skin color at that time as well). Hopefully thats changed if AC has added them to the site :D
      Dark tan would be super cute on them!
    13. Ok :) I guess they are not limited anymore since it says nothing about it on Alice's Collections.

      I'm very tempted to bring home a Bru Naughty some time in the near future. And I think these would fit nicely in with my custom Blythe since they have such big heads.
    14. So I finally got my Bru and thought I'd share a pic of him! It took me a while to find the right wig and eyes for him though. I'm over the moon for this little guy:

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    15. Congratulations! He's the cutest boy ever!
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    16. Thank you! I’ve had a lot of fun taking pics of that pouty face :3nodding:
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    17. AprilRainbowBet, I believe you. I discovered these dolls only a week ago and all I have to do is look at pictures of Gloomy Bru :love. I tried to find some pictures of Bru and Pukifee together, but no luck there. I was wondering how do they look next to each other?
    18. I love everyone’s little Bru’s! They are just precious. For those of you who have one, did you order with factory faceup or do your own?
    19. I am looking at these dolls now, and I am curious about the factory faceup and size as well. Does anyone have a Pukifee or Lati Yellow they could do a size comparison with? I find these to be super adorable, but don't want to buy one without knowing a little bit more about them.