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Issues With AOD(AngelOfDream) - Purchased Direct

Aug 6, 2007

    1. I received My Freinds AOD body in the mail today- I opened it thinking it was one of my own considering It was an MSD sized box, and was shocked to find her poor boy(well, his body) all scrunched up and stuffed into a box he obviously didn't fit into very well, His knee had even knocked a hole in the top of the box he was stuck in there so awkwardly-
      He seemed in pretty good shape besides that, until I took a closer look, and there was little marks all over his body- It looked like mud or something at first glance, I got him into better light, And as kinda gross as it sounds, it kinda looks like dried blood...*_*
      She told me to take pictures for her to see what you all think-
      These are just some of the more obvious marks, there litterally all over his body...


      The way he was stuck in there when i opened the box, I never touched him.

      His knee poked right through..... not even any bubble wrap on top.

      My camera doesn't pick it up well, but it looks like dried blood @.@

      more. agian,way worse in person.

      and on his poor bum....

      his heels are very badly scuffed....like he's been roughly played with or something

      and his wrists, my camera doesn't pick up detail very well, but you can still kinda see the damage...

      This Is werid, because she ordered him straight from the company!
      It really Is a beautiful Body!!...but very bad shipping....
      Im use to Many much bubble wrap and pillows...so this was kind of a shock to say the least ^^;;

      I'll take better pictures tomorrow, its dark out here right now so i had to use a lamp.
    2. That is seriously messed up!! has she mailed the company and complained?..
      I think she should demand a refund because this is totally unexceptable? They should give her a refund or send her a new doll because that is a faulty product in my eyes..

      This is random but on one of the pillows in the box my dollzone came actually has a large blood stain on it.. and I thought that was weird at the time but it wasn't on my doll so I had no complaint.. that definately looks like dry blood?..

      I think she should demand either a new doll or a refund.. hope all works out for her the poor girl!..
    3. she just received him today, But im pretty sure she'll be diong many much complaining....Hopefully AOD is one of those companys that actually listens :doh

      Oh gods, Thats kinda weird too! ...maybe they cut themselves sewing the pillow? lol I dunno! Im gad it wasn't on your doll!
    4. oh my goodness!
      I feel so sorry that you have to go through that..You must've a real bad impression on Aod now.. I reckon you go file a complaint to the company, or ask for them to ship another one over..I hope it gets better for you in the end.. :)
    5. The body Is actually my friends, she is out of town so I picked up her mail for her, But thankies<3
    6. OH my god my poor baby.....ok I'm emailing the seller and showing this my thread, this is not ok for my boy I mean really...
    7. i just wanted to post that i, too, have had similiar experiences with this. i received a body from them for a friend as well, to do work on it, (i'm not sure if she ordered it from ebay or not) it came like this - this was the second body they bought from her and the first one was also the sd sized girl body - it had no problems other than coming in an msd box... but this one was so dirty! like oil or greaase in some places....

      the body also has some markings on the stomach and hands like a dull blade was drawn across the resin, cutting out some knicks.

      sorry some of the pics are kinda dark ---

      hardly any padding on the box or the doll -


      the weird markings -



      this marking actually had to be sanded off - i couldn't remove it any other way. there was another one on her hand but i didn't get a pick of that...



      her arms and legs didn't even fit properly in the joints -



    8. That's...horrible. :( I hope the stains and scratches are easily fixed.... Then again, since they're brand new dolls...you shouldn't have anything to fix (at least at that magnitude) in the first place.
    9. That's just absolutely horrible... I really feel so sorry for your friend. :( I know my opinion of AOD would be ruined if that happen to me. They are definitely going on my " to be wary of" list...

      I hope it works out well for you and that the company sorts it out correctly. :aheartbea
    10. did the seller you bought it from say anything about it? Or was it on ebay or from the site?
    11. Hm, interesting. I don't know if it is pertinent at all, but I hear it is very hard to find good doll resin in China (according to some Chinese BJD forums). You have to 1) import it, or 2) use an ersatz local version, which, while it may be alright for various other casting purposes, really shouldn't be used for dolls. If you use expensive imports, you have to deal with custom fees, transportation (resin being a hazardous material, is more expensive to transport even on land). Or you send your prototype to a professional shop (but these shops are located mostly along the southern coastal regions, cf issues about transporting resin). And, of course, shops being at some remove from the bjd hobby, not all of them, and then not all employees of each, will understand how much care you must take with each bjd cast.

      *Shrug* Just information for those who might be interested, I guess. It may not apply here at all.
    12. Sorry to hear about the doll.
      After seeing the photos, it seems to me that the resin was not mixed completely.
      You described some spots looked like some dried blood, it means that the resin which displays red color didn't completely mixed up with other colors.
      so it's not about the resin itself. Resin needs to be kept in a clean place to protect from dust and contaminants.
      Anyway, good luck! and hoping you have a good communication with the company.
    13. I am really worried now! I have a MSD one on the way- I hope it has not been treated like this!
    14. Ah, the resin problem may explain the fragility of my Rao--at least she was spotless, and at least had a pillow to keep her safe! I'm so sorry your body came so spotted--I'd be grossed out, even if it turned out to be just poor resin mix in the end!
    15. :o Yikes, that's horrible. I remember seeing other AOD posts and I thought they all came with a cushion. From looking at your pics, it looks like the seller was in a big hurry and didn't put care into packing the body more carfully. Now I'm kind of scared...I really wanted to get my boy head a 1/3 body but now I may have to stick to finding a good deal at Yahoo Japan through Cresent shop.
    16. Thank everyone for the help.l I have emailed the seller but I havent gotten anything back yet.
    17. well crap, I just bought a boy body on ebay..I hope it comes in better condition than that..or they will be hearing from me and Ebay/paypal.
    18. I don't like AOD dolls from the first sight I see the webshop. They look like the memebers of the low quality dolls, so I even don't have a plan to buy any of them. There is no surprise for me when I see these photos.
      Before I buy dolls, I will try to hear other buyer's feedback in case of things happens like this.
    19. I have an AOD 1/3 body and it's Lovely. It also came in an msd sized box. I received it from another DOA member so I don't know how it was packaged when it came in but I can vouch for it's resin being lovely and the joints fitting together perfectly.

      Maybe they had some staff changes or facility changes. Or maybe they're overloaded from orders so their quality is suffering.

      I really hope they work with you to make it right. I was thinking of ordering a 1/4 scale chen but now I'm afraid.

      Keep us posted!
    20. I purchased an AOD body on ebay (1/3 boy body).
      It did come folded in the msd sized box, and the outer shipper was just big enough to house the box, so both were dented in shipping.

      There was no pillows inside, just bubble wrap (like BrIlLiAnTlYBlOnDe's pic in the first post).

      The body was ok, no damage, but it did have some factory like dirt... I don't think their facility is that clean.

      I thought the body itself was nice, I liked the shape, etc... the joints don't meet that well (either faulty sculpting or faulty drilling on the inside for the elastic) but it stood right out of the box.

      I think it would be a very nice body if I took it apart and sanded it all over. Unfortunately, the color didn't match the CP heads I purchased it for, so I don't know if I am going to do that.

      I think they need to pack them better, though...