New Doll It is Rainman.I came here with Beauty of Renaissance.

Jan 21, 2020

    1. DCS_8973.jpg DCS_9091.jpg DCS_9003.jpg DCS_9101.jpg DCS_9093.jpg DCS_9087.jpg DCS_9104.jpg Hi Friends It is Rainman.
      Happy new year~!

      Her name is "Rene"
      I got motive From Pictures Who James Tissot .
      He loves his wife and they were happy~ but sadly ..she got sick and gone.
      And He never sold 1 picture drawn his family until when he died.

      So I wanted made her for their story.

      The release day is from 21st to 30th Jan.
      You can choice 3 colors heads.

      Rene [Painted Head]
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    2. She's very beautiful, I hope to be able to get one

      I want to ask; in the picture she is wearing heel feet. In the body option on your website there is only flat feet.
      Is it possible to order her with Heel feet? I would love to be able to buy her with the heel foot like the pictures please :love
    3. It possible if you want~~ ^^ make words at Q& A about it~ then i will make it for you~
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