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Ita Bags with BJDs!

Aug 12, 2019

    1. I've noticed that LUTS has made some buttons with their dolls (the Diez button has me like :D) that are meant to be placed in an ita bag and thought that they were the cutest things ever. However, I'm wondering if anyone else here has placed their dolls inside a bag or even placed buttons and badges of their dolls inside of one. :XD:
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    2. I have done it. I have three bags dedicated to my bjd so to speak. But I don't have actual pictures of my doll in the bag, I commissioned artwork and turned those into charms. My main bag is in the tote style and it gets really heavy with my doll inside. Those backpacks luts have look awesome and much more comfortable than anything I have.
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    3. Not exactly...I don't have an ita bag for my bjds, but my bjd has an ita bag :D


      Sadly, I don't think I could handle the weight of an ita bag with my dolls inside, but I absolutely love the idea of it and I'm so excited to see companies coming out with bjd specific bags! <3

      I have my own ita bag of Victor from Yuri on Ice!!! and a bjd of Victor, so it would be amazing to combine them. He's 70cm though...so that would be one intimidatingly large ita bag! :aeyepop:
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    4. Oh my gosh! That’s so cute. I love the idea and even more that it’s a Victor ita bag! It’s so perfect! Thanks for showing it.
    5. That is SO COOL! I wish I had modern OC's that could enjoy this! :D If you don't mind me asking, where did you find the ita bag?
    6. yes! i have a few tiny dolls from various companies i like to carry around at times without needing to hold. most my dolls have their own character and i already do art button commissions so i end up making a lot of custom buttons of my dolls and puttin them in my con ita bag when im going to doll based cons it generally will hold 2-3 small bjds and a few buttons and key chains of said doll or which ever bigger doll im holding , the only thing is you have to be way more careful with throwing your back around and bumping into things,i dropped the bag on grass to rest at a con once and one of my girls faces shattered
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    7. I love this idea. Some people have been using pet carriers with the opened window area to make a bag for theirs. You can even make a little backdrop for it in there.
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    8. Omg this is the cutest thing ever. ^_^ Very well crafted!

      I rarely come across any pins or buttons that have a bjd theme, that's pretty neat!! I actually haven't seen LUTS bjd buttons, so I'll have to take a look. I do enjoy Ita bags, although I am sure I am "doing it wrong". I love collecting kawaii enamel pin and displaying them in the clear window on Ita type bags :)
    9. I had never thought of this before but I love the idea? It sounds like a really cute way to display your doll without worrying about people touching it. :o
    10. @orenjiina and @NekoMida
      Thank you! :)
      Oh! I forgot to mention that I got the idea from an adorable fanart by Ravefirell. <3
      The little backpack is a target key chain thing and I cut a window out, lengthened the straps, and decorated it and made all the little pins and things inside.

      Oh my goodness, that sounds really scary! :horror:
      Was it the faceup or the actual head?!? Eeeeeek!
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    11. I saw someone on instagram who carries her miku dd in a clear/turquoise backpack. Ita bags are cute but i prefer a clear backpack with dolls especially if you're carrying around big girls. It lets you see more of the doll especially because they usually have to be knelling.
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    12. Aaah the idea of that is so adorable! And so safe! xD
      If anybody keeps their dolls in an ita bag please let us see! :D
    13. This is the bag I use to carry my 1/3 boy around at conventions. I don't take my other dolls around often so he has it all to himself.

      [​IMG]IMG_20190815_173342 by rum pocky, on Flickr
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    14. Woah adorable!! :D
    15. @honchodolls i feel like i’ve seen that doll/bag on insta too! don’t they also keep a bunch of other cute miku merch in there as well? i was thinking about doing the same thing with my len dd!
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    16. That bag matches him perfect! I love it.
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    17. @Gintsumi
      Aw, thank you! Your bag is really cute too! :hug:
    18. OMG! That tiny ita bag is so cute! I love it! <3

      I have a custom-made ita bag (really an ita briefcase) for my fav character who I am hoping to shell out as a BJD, but I never thought about combining dolls with ita bags. I would be really curious to see more pics of what other people have done. I'm not even sure I've seen any doll carriers at anime conventions, but maybe I just didn't know what I was looking at. (That's a likely possibility, LOL.)