Itty-bitty, or jumbo-wumbo?

Sep 18, 2020

    1. What size do you prefer for your doll? Little cuties? Majestic giants? Somewhere inbetween?

      Why do you prefer one size over the other? Is there such a thing as "too big" or "too small"? Also, if really prefer one or the other, are there any dolls who are an exception to that rule?

      Want to hear your thoughts, I was thinking this may be a fun topic!

      Personally, I really prefer more mature looking dolls, and usually those end up being larger. But some little guys have been really cute and seriously tempting.
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    2. Jumbo size! I hate hand sewing and smaller dolls take more hand sewing and are harder to have fabric drape.

      And in the same boat, most of the mature heads go on big boys. I'm sometimes tempted to try the mature fashion minis because I am running out of shelf space, but haven't made the jump yet.

      Got a big 70cm crew and I'm waiting for Dollmore to produce a 85cm Dell boy for me. I'm excited but also wondering if I should lift some weights lol
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    3. Big dolls! Absolutely nothing smaller than 50cm (except my first doll because I just can't part with him, he's 46cm). Anything smaller than SD just feels not worth it to me. I've owned everything from 14cm up to 72cm, and the little ones just don't do it for me, they feel more like fashion dolls or toys than a big ol' heavy chunk of resin. I also don't like child sculpts, so the SD to 70cm range works well for me. They're a lot easier to paint and sew for, too.

      I think my only exceptions to the rule would be pet dolls. Little puppies and kitties are too cute, and Sixx would very much like to have his Boston Terrier or Frenchie shelled. <3 Orrrrr....Tamikan Space Hybrid. I'm so in love with her, and since she's a hybrid alien, I wouldn't be so bothered about scale. Who knows, aliens might only be 2 feet tall! :XD:
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    4. I love love dolls in the 16-35cm range. I'm definitely more interested in cuter, big-eyed child-like sculpts than adult sculpts.
      I have one 42 cm doll that I'm not too crazy about, because she's a little too big and unwieldy for me.

      Part of the appeal of the tinies (like Lati Yellow) is that I can have a dollhouse for them! I'm still building my first dollhouse, but I'm excited to do some cute photoshoots with my Lati once I'm done. :)
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    5. I prefer more mature sculpts, so all the dolls I'm looking at are at least 60cm; the two boys I have now are both 70cm guys. I enjoy how hefty they are! They can be a pain to pose, though.

      I also have a really tiny 13cm doll from DearMine who is an anthro cat-- he was too cute for me to ignore!!! While I definitely in general prefer bigger dolls, I love how cute the little guy is. He fits in my hand!!!!! It's adorable!!
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    6. Clothing is something I definitely thought of, I couldn't imagine making clothes on a really little scale.

      I'm gonna have to look up those littles! Big dolls are definitely impressive, but oof that price tag. Still, I doubt I'll go below 30cm at the smallest. Unless it's one of the teeny little hybrids.

      Oh yeah! Littles definitely get an easier time with props I think. Sometimes clothes? There's a lot of generic doll clothes/doll props that seem to fit them really well.

      My boy isn't here yet, but I've heard Dollshe are pretty good with posing, and I plan to suede him too, to help. It's going to be some getting used to for sure. But I am kind of thinking of a tiny little thing, just cause they are too dang cute.
    7. I've always been interested in dioramas and dollhouses, and space constraints mean I can do more with smaller dolls. Currently the "default" scale of the fantasy setting all but 4 of my BJDs are in is 1:4, with a "giant" in 1:3 scale and numerous smaller dolls representing smaller species. (The other 4 BJDs are 1:12, 1:16, and 1:24, and each of those scales has its own complete dollhouse.)

      Overall, my favorite scale is probably 1:6, although each size has its strengths and weaknesses. In my opinion, 1:6 scale is a nice balance between the portability of a smaller doll and the ease of posing of larger dolls. Also, I prefer hand sewing to machine sewing, and you would be surprised how much faster a YOSD outfit goes together than an MSD one.
    8. I definitely prefer SD sized.
      I guess because I've had dolls my whole life the small ones don't tickle my fancy as much.
      I do have a few MSD sculpts, but they're pretty much all heads sharing a single body ^^
      I also had a mature YOSD at one point, but really disliked the size.
    9. If I were only allowed to own one size of dolls, it would be the amazing giants, 70cm and up. It's not just that I love the feel of a substantial chunk of resin in my hands (which I do), but I also am drawn to the intricate nuances of the faceups that can be achieved on large dolls that just can't be matched with a smaller canvas - as well as the highly detailed clothing that is literally impossible to replicate for a tiny.

      BUT, that's a big 'if'. Fortunately I can own any size that I want, and I also completely adore my little ones. You just can't beat the cuteness factor of a tiny! I would never part with my Luts Zuzu dragon or tiny Delf zebrataur - two of my favorites...or my FL Realpukis. (After years of owning the latter, I still can't get over the structural design of adorably expressive and fully functional BJDs that are under four inches tall.) This hobby really has no limits or boundaries as far as size is concerned, and I love trying everything! And hey, there is nothing more adorable than posing a Realpuki tangled in the hair of a Soom Idealian. XD

      So...uh, I guess that's a pretty vague answer to the original question. My preference for large dolls is heavily overshadowed by my love for ALL sizes...each of which ties for a close second. Why shouldn't they all just live together in random and slightly bizarre harmony? :sweat
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    10. I go for mature tinies or average SD.
      SD13 are easier to paint, their weight and size feels right to handle to me, shoes are usually better fitted, and if I ever get off my lazy butt and learn to sew it is certainly easier to deal with than smaller sizes. But once we reach 70cm, they're usually too heavy for their own elastic and kind of a pain in the ass to pose and carry around.
      no MSD for whatever reason. and mature tinies are in theory just resin barbies (in size), yet they are so much more adorable! And more portable than my SDs. Clothing is harder to make but easy to come by with many fashion dolls like barbie, momoko, blythe, etc on the market. Also great for a doll house!
    11. Itty bitty!
      Preferably under 20cm, and anthro. I’m keeping my two vinyl 50cm, my one msd, and various yosd, but have no desire to get anymore ‘big’ dolls. I’ve always liked tiny, and now with the amazing selection of cute and tiny anthros available, I’m happily making a wishlist. So many, so little money. :sweat
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    12. I prefer mature dolls, but I prefer the smaller kind, and those weren't a thing back when I first discovered BJD. Most of my BJD collection is larger dolls, but I prefer true-to-scale 1:6 mature (semi-realistic but not average looking) male dolls (or figures).
    13. Except for one mature tiny art doll, I'm in the process of upsizing my entire doll crew to SD sizes and up. Any doll shorter than 56cm must go big or go to another home (thankfully, it's just one doll). Despite the challenges that come along with having such big ones (to-scale furniture, oh boy), I've had more fun handling and making clothes/accessories/props for them.

      But that doesn't mean I won't bite the bullet for an out-of-scale doll that I find beautiful, if I had all the funds in the world. Certainly, my wishlist has several mature MSDs and tinies that ought to have no place in my current crew.
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    14. My favorites are actually 1/6 and 65cm+ but for different reasons. I don't really like 1/4 scale. I love tiny cute 1/6 that look like adorable chibi children, but also large 1/3 for adults in intricately detailed outfits. And I really wanna get a 1/2 scale one day. :whee:
    15. I really like all my dolls being in one scale, which is 53-75 cm, specifically, though I'd go as small as Zaoll/DT Elf at 52 cm, and theoretically as big as 80cm.
    16. I like slim MSDs as adults and teenagers together with YOSDs as little kids. They have a scale of 1:4 which is not so huge you can't build dioramas and there are a lot of 18" doll accessories in that scale.

      I had SDs before and they were just too big and heavy for me. I didn't like handling them.
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    17. I prefer mature dolls but I like the smaller scale dolls (mostly for cost) so I've been looking at "tinies" more, or smaller mature dolls (like what MiracleDoll sells). Some YOSDs are cute but SD and 1/3 tend to have older and more realistic adult proportions (depending on the sculpter).
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    18. I prefer SD sized sculpts in general but mainly because I prefer the more mature looking sculpts. I prefer to get my dolls in a similar scale (with exception of my YoSD Jewel). There's a bunch of ~45 cm tall dolls that look gorgeous to me but wouldn't fit the scale of my current dolls at all. There's also some awesome 70+ cm dolls but I think they would make my girls look shorter than I want.

      Personally I find it more fun to do random things with the smaller 21 cm doll compared to the 55-65 cm dolls I own. She's lighter and easier to mess around with. I also found it easier to work with her when making clothes despite the small scale because she doesn't flop around so much.
    19. In the middle! I thought for a long time that I would be drawn to big 70cm dolls, mostly because I love the more mature sculpts they have.

      But then two things happened: I got an SD10, and fell in love. Something in my brain went, "Huh. Maybe I'll try something a little smaller and cuter..."
      And then I got a Rosenlied Holiday's Child/Big Baby, and fell even more in love.

      Turns out that the Big Baby size is my perfect ideal. I love the proportions - most MSDs tend to feel too small and fragile to me, but Big Baby sculpts are more substantial. I also love how reminiscent they are of old fashioned porcelain dolls like my grandmother collected.

      I still love the adult sculpts too, but they're a bit unwieldy. Even my SD10 is a bit much, depending on how I'm trying to pose him. My Holiday's Child, on the other hand, is the perfect size to carry around and snuggle. She poses easily on my desk, and I haven't had any trouble finding furniture for her. I'm so hooked!
    20. I have dolls ranging in height from 20cm to 70+cm, but I admit my preference is very much in the middle! 30-50cm, to put numbers on it.

      I've decided that anything under 26cm lands firmly in the "too small" category and anything over 60cm is "too big"... For the large dolls it's mostly a matter of space ("SD" size dolls comprise about 1/5 of my collection but they take up nearly half the display space) but I also find that I don't like many larger bodies. I mostly collect guy dolls and aesthetically pleasing, slim bodies with no absurd abs are depressingly hard to come by.

      As for smaller dolls... this is going to sound shallow but I feel like I "don't get my money's worth" :sweat I really like my dolls to have physical weight. They just seem very fragile.