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I've been bitten by the Yo & multiple tiny bugs!

May 22, 2007

    1. I have to say my favorite size doll is the 10-10.5 inch range or smaller.

      Recently I'm finding my tiny collection is getting larger :sweat

      Have you too been bitten by the tiny & yo bug?

      Uncontrollable buying of tinies and wanting more tinies. You feel that one more tiny couldn't hurt or wouldn't be noticed.

      You just paid off your credit card and you're ready to add more

      You sometimes sneak the little ones in your bag for quick photo shoots?

      You have dolls on layaway

      You have dolls on preorder

      You are up to your ears in dolls and still it doesn't seem to phase you

      I thought it would be nice to have a general place to discuss this obssession and joke about our symptoms and doll buying habits.

      That being said I say I got bitten by several variations of this bug the yo bug, crony bug, od bug, and the dd-anne bug

      So add your thoughts
    2. I was once told by a very knowledgeable sage of the tiny obsession:

      "They are like potato chips--you can't have just one!"

      and I think it's pretty true.... they are sooooo enticing!

      (I'm soooo trying not to buy a yo..and a DD... and a .... and a....)
    3. My husband likened my bjd obssion to pringles in the same wayyou can't just have one. Then he laughed

      I kept saying I had to choose Mamu or Papi I broke down and now I'm going to have both
    4. I feel your pain; I am addicted to Monnaemi sisters and others of their size. I have five of them and have two more on layaway. I feel depressed when I don't have any of them on order. They're like resin crack. I find myself looking at bottle caps and wondering how they might look as a tiny lampshade in a little house. I have very possibly lost my mind. (It's fun, though!)

      Edit: What a difference a year or so makes; I can't believe I bought so many last year. I really have lost my mind.
    5. Yup, I was bitten back in Jan, and it's a full blown infection now. I have 4 in hand, and 3 more on the way/on layaway/on preorder. I want more, more, more!
      I also seem to have 2 different scales going. I have Aren/Lucy/So-Dong, and then my CD uni girl and BC Sisley seem to fit better with my MSDs and SDs. In the past that would bother me, but not anymore! At this point, it's all good! :)
    6. Well, I've NEVER been into Tinies.Then I saw Kaye's and the coloured Bambis, and now I've just ordered a Kumi....
      And 'yes' to thinking well they're not that big so won't take up so much room.'Yes' to having one on order.Oh, and 'yes' to having space in a bag, and thinking that a tiny would fit in it nicely...I'm DOOMED!
    7. I know the feeling and I have some of your listed symptoms as well. My initial BJD collecting thoughts a few years ago were just MSDs with perhaps *ONLY* a pair of Yo-SD size dolls. Just a pair. ;)

      Right now, I have 6 MSD sized dolls but 8 tinies, with another en route and gosh know what else will tempt me. My last 6 out of 7 doll purchases since January were tinies. I just love them to pieces and I do like to put them in my purse and take them around with me.
    8. I'm definitely addicted to Yos. I currently have 6 and I've been trying to talk myself out of trying to get a LaTi Yellow or Orange when they restock this summer.
    9. And here I was planning to email your husband so he wouldn't let you buy that Papi and she would have been mine! :lol:
    10. Not only have I been badly bitten by the tiny bug, but I need at least two from each different company.
    11. Yeah the little ones are like potato chips.

    12. *stands up* My name is Celesse, and I have a tinies problem.

      I'm afraid I have to join this support group too :lol: I only have two so far, but I currently am planning to buy at least three others eventually. I only have one SD-sized doll and that is mostly because I fell head-over-heels for the mold and couldn't get it as a tiny :sweat I don't think I can handle any more large dolls, but I definitely want more tinies!
    13. I want more tinies too...the contagion is spreading I guess my Yo is just the start on my affliction.
    14. Tinies = my gateway drug into the BJD world :)
    15. I have collected MA dolls for many years. They are 8" tall, so tinys are the perfect size for me. I think of minis as large dolls and the 60cm dolls as giants.

      I have three Leekes, two Bobobies, one Wishel, one Yam, and one Orient doll. I think I need more Boboies and another Orient doll. Then a couple more Leekes ought to round out the group.

      As of today. :)
    16. Oh puleeze! You know I'm right there with ya. I have a Leeke, a YO, a Bambicrony elf, a Naripon, a ToYou and a Roxy Lucy. My first BJD ever was a Fairy Elf Adel. She's still here not to worry. Oh and a Narsha and a Custom House Little Junior. Those might be my favorite size.They are irressisstable. Right after Dolpha you know I'm getting a Pink Baha and maybe a Nurse Rin. Oh whoops I forgot about my Kaye tiny elf. Red. Maybe. Or Purple. Whatever!
      Speaking of enabling, where's Tinybear?
    17. The strangest thing about this obsession is that I have had my Pocket Fairy for almost two years..and she was an only child until sometime in December.. since then, 3 Leekes, 2 Cutie Delfs, 2 Lati green, an Orient doll SO and Potpourri have joined the family.
    18. I have no idea what you people are going on about.

      Neither do Cally, Cutie Delf Mary; Zoë, CH Petite Ai Uriel; Hieronymus, Serendipity lovely Freyr (30 cm boy-type); Giotto and Nell, OD So V. Ji & W. V. Ye; or Hippolyta, Theodosia, & George, i-elf Peaches, Lucky, and Lucky-I-Will-Sleep.

      Obviously I have room for more--a Christmas tree would look awfully sparse decorated with 'only' this many tinies. lol ;)

      Good thing there's more room, as I have a couple of bids in. . . .

      Ann in CT
    19. I only have one large doll and I think it will stay that way. She was my first and lords it over the fireplace. My kids call her the fairy queen that watches over all the other tiny dolls.

      I'd love to see your Adel I've yet to see one in person. I'm pretty bad I already preordered for DD-Anne's July, plus Kaye's elf, and I'm planning out a Happy Leeke. I also wonder how long before tinybear finds this startup support group

      Always on the backburner of course are more yo-tenshis and wings :sweat

      I got bitten by the flying bug too
    20. Has visions of the my "onion" joke but with my dolly instead , lol

      Wait til you actually get your Shinn then you'll really be afflicted