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Jack-O-Lantern Harang Limited DELF-ART

Oct 15, 2006

    1. New Harang Delf-Art at Luts! They only have one picture up right now, but he looks lovely!
    2. Yes, he is SD. :]

    3. Information taken from Luts Korean site:

      "루츠 오리지널 커스텀 사양입니다 (반개안 커스텀)"
      Luts original custom (half opened custom)

      It is indeed a dreaming head Harang.
    4. More info is up on the English site.

      On sale at 11:30 on October 17th, Korean time...
      Limited to 5 sets...
      He'll come with an extra, unpainted open-eyed head...

      ... and his wig has pink streaks in it. 0_o