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Jaime-doll 20cm and 30cm discussion

Jun 30, 2007

    1. I think Celina is adorable! I hope they make some 60 cm dolls, too!

    2. Celina is darling!! Any idea what other BJDs they are compatible with in size?
    3. If they make the littler doll with pointed ears, he, she, or it is coming to my house to be a little girl elf--not as little as she is now, though.

      The pout slays me.

      Ann in CT
      likes smily dolls--where are all these little resin pouts coming from?
    4. oooh i like them both! they remind me of Latidolls or Custom House. I can't wait to see their proportions. I would love a 30cm doll one day.
    5. I'm curious....why are they using the stock photo of BF Tommy on their main page? I wonder if they'll be selling BF products, like MinoruWorld does. Hmmmmmm.

      The other two have a Lati-ish look to their faces, especially Vito. I'm looking forward to seeing the bodies.
    6. Celina is lovely... Although she does look very Lati-esque.

      I wonder if "Iris" size will be MSD-ish and Calla SD-ish.

      The site is in Korean, not Japanese, by the way ^_^;;
    7. Well, they have two more sizes listed on the website, so there could be MSD and SD dolls in the future, but I am most interested in the little ones!
    8. omg, they are cute. <3 looking forward for more pictures.
    9. The little Adonis boy(?) reminds me a bit of Gomidoll, but less pouty.

    10. how much do they cost in USDs? or am i just missing that o.o
    11. Their English site is up with prices - http://jaime-doll.us
    12. Thanks namika - I'll add that to the first message.

      And wow - big diff between the basic and special price on Celina!

      Has anyone found better measurements? (like head size and torso measurements?). In the Celina posting it says "Please check specific size of Rosebay in related FAQ." but I cannot find measurements int he FAQ (I only see one FAQ).

    13. Hello!! this is jaime~ Long time no see~ :sweat

      We are very sorry for our not being so friendly, and late, laaaate answers.

      We`ve been in a daze......:sweat Especially and unluckly, we had to
      move our English website for foreign customers..... it will take some time..:|

      We are working hard to prepare wigs and outfits for our 20cm grade Adonis 2 boys and a girl, and 30cm grade rosebay 2 girls.. we updated two of them recently, and we hope that you like them. :)

      Most of all, we are busy to look into Basic make-up style for our boys and girls~ there are so many different looking....:sweat

      Anyway, we will update more pictures and information like their measurement and adjusted price and so on, soon!!

      so please keep our dolls in your mind!! :)

      *Iris and Calla will be MSD and SD grade dolls, but they will be ready in the coming year at earlist....:sweat
    14. Thank you for the update! I just love Crispin! I like the face up on the wig photos!
    15. the more I see him the more I like him
      the only thing stopping me ...I want to see the body
      and the joints etc

      but he looks lovely
    16. I asked Jaime doll, and the body is gender neutral. I prefer that, but I know some of you (cough, Tinybear, cough) like parts. But my little Crispin can now be a girl, can't wait to see what other dolls they come up with.
    17. Im safe then :)
    18. I would love to see the body! Gender neautral is fine for me! If they have bits, I feel I need a boy and a girl!
    19. That's good news~ :D I'd rather have a genderless body in case I prefer him as a girl.