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Jaime-doll Basic ver.release on February 25th

Feb 21, 2008

    1. Release on February 25th ,12:00 at noon (KST)

      Hello, this is Jaime.

      Thank you for your love and patronage for previous Special dolls (Ara, Dino, Trudy).
      We'll release their Basic version which is lovely and cute to appreciate our customers.

      On February 25th, 12:00 at noon (KST)

      All the types of our dolls will be on sale as a basic version, including Ara, Dino, Trudy and Vito, Joan, Cristin.

      This time, there will be two kinds of them, the 18cm Adonis version and the 15cm Small body version.

      The make-ups and the wigs are the same, but there are differences in outfits and body sizes.

      We're going to sell their body parts and head parts along with the Basic dolls,

      We hope you to have enjoy this chance.

      Check the web site, there will be lovely pictures of our dolls updated soon.



    2. hello, this is Jaime.:aheartbea:aheartbea
      new wigs are released along with the sale of basic dolls.
      cute and adorable new wigs are on sale, now.
      we hope we'll have your patronage with it. thank you.
    3. It's now 12:20 PM in Korea. Jaime dolls are on sale now! Yes!
    4. Hello,this is jaime-doll
      The comparison images of 18cm and 15cm Adonis bodies.

      15cm body is including wings parts.

      both of 18cm and 15cm are including fist part.
      (both of 18cm and 15cm are including fists parts.)


      The magnets are inside of the body,

      you can see the smooth surface of the body without the wings.
    5. Adonis Ara Sleeping Head

      Adonis Dino Sleeping Head

      Adonis Trudy Sleeping Head

      the dolls' heads are on sale now.
      we hope your patronage again.

      thank you.