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jaime-doll.com updated New style dolls!!

Sep 13, 2007

    1. Hello, this is Jaime~ long time no see~ :sweat

      We updated our new style dolls, and the pictures of Adonis body in FAQ!!

      Special ver. dolls will be released on 21th September :) and their price may go down before sale. :sweat

      We have been prepared long time for like brand-new style and concept for our dolls
      in best appearance.

      We are honored to introduce to you our new 18cm Adonis dolls



      and tanned skin Vito~

      and 27cm Rosebay dolls~


      and Celina

      We will add more information about Rosebay doll body tomorrow.

      See you on 21th September, the day of our grand opening!! :)
    2. Is everything going on sale soon? I've noticed everything is marked as sold out and I'm interested in the wigs. Are you preparing for a grand opening or are most things out of stock? :sweat
    3. will you be selling parts separately? please update us on wig and eye size. thanks! I'm looking forward to the release.
    4. I love Vito too *___* I have wrote to jaime some PM and e-mail... T_T I would want to know some things about Vito!!!

      PS a link: jaime-doll.com
    5. Hello everybody.
      This is Jaimedoll.
      We feel sorry for causing you inconveniency.
      We've found the same problem on accessing to our site yesterday.
      And thankfully, one of our members mentioned about this problem on Q&A board as previous replies of Rose Ann and Celesse.
      We are very very thank you for letting us know that problem.
      It seems like the web hosting service company had served temporarily unstable access condition.
      Actually we've asked our web hosting service company about the access difficulty.
      And now it runs well.
      We are always appreciate your comments and interests in our company.
      If you feel any difficulty or inconveniency on anything about our service,
      don't hesitate to let us know.
      We have all ears to our customers opinion.
      Thank you so much.

    6. Hello, this is Jaime again.
      I heard that some region has poor access not only our site but also any other sites.
      We don't have any difficulty in accessing our site but we are so sorry to hear that you still have poor access.
      Sometimes regional condition or hidden trouble can cause your access trouble.

      I left our index page and sites in three other languages.

      We will do our best for your enjoyable visit without stress.
      Thank you.