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J'aime doll discussion part 1

Mar 4, 2009

    1. I'm not sure about the place where to ask this question *_* but where and when i can buy basic doll(Adonis)?
      On the jaime-doll.com all dolls are sold out and on latidoll.com sold out too. On lati i see preparing re-stock. When they will start sell them? Do somebody know and can help me?
      Thank you!!!:)

      ....Mod Note.....

      This is a discussion for J'aime doll.

      Company website doesn't work anymore. http://jaime-doll.com

      J'aime doll discussion part 1:
    2. Do Jaime doll have the similar in size to Lati Yellow body? What the difference?
      And where i can find fotos Lati near Jaime?

      I want to buy Tiffany, love her smile and eyes :)
    3. I dont have a Nude picture
      but this is my Tan girl ..with some of my Lati

      they are the same height can share shoes , clothes ,eyes etc
      (but not wigs ..Jamie has a smaller head )

      there is very little between them and the resin is the same ..so you can head swap very easy
      Jamie has a jointed torso and double jointed arms and legs
    4. So does everyone think the Jaime bodies pose better than Lati? I have been wanting to get a Lati but was thinking about putting it with a Jaime body because they have more joints. But can the Jaime dolls still stand on their own? And are the resin colors the same so this would work?
    5. Bumping. Does anyone know if Lati will be selling just the Jaime bodies from their site and if they will have them for the next restock? Also, how do the Jaime hands attach? Magnets, string, locking joints? Sorry for all the questions! :eusa_sile
    6. Hi, Mimi*Fee^^ I wish I could be of more help but since I only have a Jaime Doll and no Latis I can't say if my boy poses better. I can tell you I adore his body as it poses wonderfully and also has internal magnets in back for the wings they sent with him:D His hands have a wire hook which attaches to the string in his wrist and since he is so tightly strung that has made it a bit more challenging to switch his hands out(he came with extra fist parts^^).
    7. How did you manage to change the hands x'D (I'm still trying to figure it out for my girl, it looks like it's tied to the string??for the rosebay bodies..)
    8. Jaime-doll was so kind to send pics on how to change the hands...and needless to say after 4 hrs, I made some s hooks out of jewelery wire and hooked them to the string, the other method you need muscle x'D my arms were hurting afterwards....
    9. I love them :aheartbea Do you think Pong would make an ok girl too?? I prefer Pong to Ping, slightly, but I do want a girly for my first of this size.

      I don't know about heads but Tinybear told me the Jaime bodies are great, better than Lati, and the resin is compatible with Lati :)
    10. o.0 how come the 15cm has wire hooks but the 26cm use the string method???
      (26cm came with extra wrist parts too...)

      I have to say the wigs fit quite nicely on the head :D
    11. I agree that it's a Vito. Here is my Vito as a girl, though you can't see her eyebrows:

    12. MOP: Thanks! It's a Monique Gold Collection wig, "Faith." I reduced the wig cap to make it fit better, but it still overpowers her a little. But, I kinda like it that way!

    13. I think ..the tan ones are the Limmiteds and Specials
      so when they do open Im not sure they will be available in tan ..
      they are a bit like Lati like that :(

      Vito was available in a tan option ..but when I just checked , its onlt white and normal resin up now
      So I presume you can only get vito like this now xx
    14. I wish I had some pictures of my Vito, he's such a little sweetheart:D This is the photo taken by the faceup artist who painted him for me, Tiffanyjbt:

      She did such an excellent job on him:aheartbea
    15. [​IMG]

      Im so pleased with Willow again ,she is the limmited Tiffany Elf ..I almost sold her Christmas ..but Im evr so glad I didnt , I know I wouldnt be able to get her again ..I had given her body to my Lati Lea ...but last week I bought her a new body ...and gave her a Bob hair ..and she looks much happier now
    16. Meet Mimsy

      I didn't like her in the blonde wig she came with, though it was gorgeous. Once I put this on her, I knew I'd found my Mimsy.
    17. Mimsy and her playful shadow.

      I love all the photos here. It's a joy to come and visit the thread.
    18. Oh Valli she is gorgeous .....they all or
      I do love the Jaime doll body ..its stunning

      gradually all of my Lati get Jaime bodies too LOL ..although I tend to keep the lati hands ..they swap well too ...I think I fancy one of the larger bodies soon :)
    19. Thank you. I'm looking forward to having a LatiY to compare. I really love the Leile body and Mimsy is so delicate next to her. Lami must be in between them.