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[jaime-doll may,23rd] New Specialver. little fairie

May 17, 2008

    1. Our new special dolls will come out.

      We are pleased to introduce our new special dolls, our little fairies to you.

      Our little fairies will come out to meet you on May 23rd.(at noon, KST)

      For further information, please refer to our web site.

      Tanned version Half lidded eyes elf Vito :aheartbea

      Tanned version elf Ara :aheartbea

      New type elf Tiffany:aheartbea

      New type elf Davi:aheartbea

      We would be very grateful of your support to our little fairies.

    2. Will there be more tan versions of these gorgeous dolls? Theyre so expressive. I love all their sweet faces and would love to see tan versions of them all. :)
    3. I love Ara. But I like her in my Crybaby version with sad eyebrows...do you think I could ask a little modification to this faceup?
      Also do you think you'll release other version in tan skin and normal ears?
    4. Sorry I forgot a question:

      are these dolls made of full tanned resin?

      Thank you very much
    5. Hello, this is Jaime.

      Our Crybaby Ara has turned to elf!
      We have left the message to you about make-up.
      As you all know, Tan skin dolls have their special charms.
      We are planning to release other versions with tan skin and normal ears someday.
      Still, the specific schedule has not been settled yet.
      And as for the response of your another inquiry, all these tanned elf versions are made of full tanned resin.

      Thank you for your love and interest in our new dolls.

      If you have other questions, please feel free to contact us anytime.
    6. Hello this is jaime:aheartbea

      We will give wings and fists parts to all the customers who purchase our special elf versions.

      We would be very grateful of your support.
    7. Can i see the elf ears somewhere?
    8. Since they are little elves, their ears are not that big.

      Sorry the view is not good because of the wig.

      Here is the picture.:aheartbea
    9. :aheartbeaAdonis' 15cm special elf versions are on sale now.

      We would be very grateful of your support.

      Thank you.
    10. Hi Jaime, it's me...April, here :lol: Your new dolls are lovely!! You should post pictures of your upcoming May 30 Rosebay releases. They are beautiful! When you do, could you please let us know how they fit YO-SD clothing with the smaller body? Thanks!
    11. Dear April,
      How have you been all the while?

      The new 26cm Rosebay body has been made to be all better in shape, movement and compatibility with other dolls than previous 26cm body.

      It's available to be both sexes.
      Most of items such as dresses, shoes and wigs from other companies with similar size would be fit well.
      We will post specific information about the size and pictures on our web site soon.

      Thank you.
    12. I love the tan skin. The new ones are cute too. Is the tan a really dark tan or a light tan?