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Jaime-doll special ver.release on January 12th

Jan 8, 2008

    1. Release on January 12th(kst 12:00 at noon)

      Hello, this is Jaime.
      here are special dolls for the celebration of new year.
      they have smaller and cuter 15cm body than the fore version of Adonis' 18cm body.
      (*but the head is the same size as fore version.)

      crybaby Ara



      good kid Trudy



      timid boy Dino



      Jaime's New year's event
      you order Special products,
      1.you'll also get the doll's sleeping head (the make-up is charged option.),

      2.a pair of pretty wings and a pair of hands (left, right) for free!


      join our New year's event.
      the detailed body size is going to be informed on FAQ board soon.

    2. Will Ara, Dino and Trudy ever be released as basic dolls? And will the smaller body be the only one you offer from now on, or will there be a choice? (They're all so cute!)
    3. when the sale of special version products ends, the basic version dolls will be on sale.
      and that will also involve the fore Adonis dolls (Vito, Cristin, Joan),
      when you order basic dolls, you can choose between the fore body and the new smaller body.

      thank you
    4. hi, this is Jaime.

      for your inquiries about skin tone,
      the skins in all the pics above are normal.
      thank you.
    5. hi, this is Jaime.

      our original plan for sale of body parts was about early February, along with the basic version dolls.
      but we changed the date of sale (body parts) to 12 at noon January 25th (KST),
      since there were many customers who want to purchase special version dolls and body parts together.
      the sale involves both of fore 18cm and new 15cm bodies

      if you have ordered special dolls and want to add body parts to the order,
      you may inform us through the QNA board,
      and we'll manage it, so you wouldn't have to pay for shipping of body parts.

      thank you.
    6. Will Crybaby Ara be available as a basic doll in the future?
    7. How do the wings attach? Do they tie on to the body, or are there magnets in the back that hold them on?
    8. I asked on their q&a board and they said that they are attached by magnets and all small Adonis bodies will have magnets.
    9. Are the Wings also made of Resin?!