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Jaime Doll Spring Bunnies! Chat thread :)

Mar 18, 2009

    1. What am I thinking? I'm thinking I might go broke ;.; THEY ARE ADORABLE~!..I already have a Rosebay now I want the 15cm ;.;....but but....must resist >.<
      I'm really hoping I get that job now :X
    2. My favorites are Ping, Ara and Pong...they are so cute!!!

      I love the poses that they have them in too...what sweet babies!!!

      How are these dolls for posing...are they kicky?
    3. I know how you feel! Lol, it's especially bad for me as I need a new body for my incoming Lati as well... argh!

      I love them all except Vito... he freaks me out :P I don't know about posing: I'd love to hear peoples opinions on that too :) These are the jointed bodies, right?
    4. I love these little ones too! Can't decide who I like best, Pong, Ping, Trudy or Ara - all are :aheartbea

      It says the release time is 7pm, anyone know what that is in the UK?
    5. Dunno for Uk, but im in love with Trudy and Ping x'D they have such a soft and adorable face ^.^
    6. I'm thinking I wish I hadn't discovered DOA! Or BJDs!! These little waifs are absolutely adorable! I'm going to have to take a second job to support this habit!:kitty2
    7. I seriously adore the outfits!
    8. I like the outfits too :) So much I'm running a split and thinking of swapping to having the outfits instead of one of the heads XD I really do like these guys a lot!

      I think that they look like softer faced Latis :)
    9. I am 90% sure that Ping will be coming to live with me :)
    10. Darn, these companies are killing me. Trudy is adorable, and the price looks pretty good too.
      Are these pocket fairy size?
    11. They're closer to Lati Yellow sized, so a bit bigger than PF I believe.
    12. 15 cm tall I believe :)
    13. .......................incoming Lati?!?!!?! O_________o
    14. *sends calming energies* A limited Grown up Pury head that I was lucky enough to snag in he Marketplace :P She has no body (her previous owner painted it red) which is why I'm especially interested in these guys and the chance to get an extra body for $100 :P
    15. ROFL. Excellent! You do make me giggle :) Your going to have such a big family soon! XD
    16. Hush, you, Judgement Lady! I do have a few more than originally intended (as an aside, Original Swan just showed up! Yey! Two at the same time!) but these are really sweet... hmmm...
    17. Nothing wrong with a big family XD You should see the size of that customhouse order :p
    18. XD It's ok if you can afford it, I think! These guys are so sweet looking though... I really do like their latest two, Ping and Pong :)

      Only four more days till release!
    19. So is anyone going buy these cuties :D?
      I got approved for loans and grants but I need to see if I can cash them in, before it's too late XD (the grants anyways lol)