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Jaime Ping and Pong Twins 15cm

Jan 6, 2009

    1. News Thread Here

      Very sweet looking but I'm really excited to see what the half closed eye versions look like! I love the Lati sleepy dolls, I hope they are just as cute!

      It's nice all the extras they come with too!

      I'll be *trying* to wait patiently :D
    2. I wonder...do the tails come off at all? Or are they like 'built-in' to the body or the outfit they come with... Anyways they look soooo adorable x'D
    3. They look really really cute as a pair!~ :D

      Im thinking maybe the tail is part of the outfit?

      Cant make up my mind between these two or the 26cm version.... *_*
    4. Since they appear to be made of fabric, I'd guess the tails are part of the outfit too :)

      When a doll has a tail made of resin, it's still usually removable (usually attaches by magnet)

      so cute! :) I wonder if these faces will be able to come with the kitty facepaint like the 26cm dolls?
    5. I am anxiously awaiting pics of the half closed version.

      does anyone know if the tan Jaime dolls and the tan Latis are the same color?
    6. they are a perfect match Lolly
      I was hopeing to get a tan body for my Laches sleeping head ...I love the Jaime body
      and love my Vito too ..so I dont want my Vito to loose her body

      I do like the little Pong sculpt ..
      I dont have the money this time around

      I have prommised my little Tiffany head a new body :D
    7. Thanks a bunch Carrie ... I was thinking of getting one and sharing bodies with the Vampire head thats on order at LaTi.
    8. I'm usually not big on a lot of tinies, but I love the face sculpts on the baby jaime dolls. I was thinking of getting one of the "grown up" jaime cats, but I might get one of these baby ones instead.
    9. The twin baby jaime cats are relly too adorable... >.< but i may have to give it a miss due to cash flow prob... T_T
    10. me too ..I have a sleeping Lati Laches head comming too which will probably nab the Jaime doll body LOL
    11. If you go to the Jaime site they have pics of the half open eyes!
      Very cute!

      BTW anyone order from Jaime before? How are their shipping prices?
    12. omigosh, they are soo sweet. They are officially the first 'normal skin' tinies that I like, usually opting for white skin (like me, practicallly transparent LOL)
    13. Hi Anyone knows the shipping prices? Im curious to know too! :)
    14. Very cute dolls, but I will have to pass until I have some $ recovery time following the holidays. I like Pong a lot!
    15. When I ordered from Jaime (a Cristen) it was the usual $30 EMS to the US
    16. I'm looking to see if anyone who orders a Ping will part with their half lidded event head:D I'm not sure what the going rate for those would be though.
    17. I just tried to checkout and shipping for a body only to the US was $54
      Ouch .. I only want a tan body for my LaTi mystic head.
    18. oh wow, that is a bit ouch. I was considering doing the same thing. both heads on my miel are too cute not to have both on bodies!!
      that shipping price might hold me back though :(
    19. This twins are sooo cute. I love J'aime dolls :) but i can't afford anymore atm un till i pay off what i have on layaway. Do anyone know if J'aime dolls do layaways? I can't find any info.
    20. They are cute! Ping really caught my attention...:D