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Jaimedoll Cloe & Joan!

Aug 3, 2007

    1. Wow, she's adorable! I love the delicate china-doll face-up she's got <3

      Edit: AND double joints! :D I'll have to keep my eye on her!
    2. She has an adorable face
    3. she sortof reminds me of latidoll lea - especially the mouth. she's cute!
    4. love those knee`s

      keep telling myself ...I dont need any more this size ...she is quite beautifuk though

      ...she did remind me a little of Lati ......but those knees
      the body looks very interesting
    5. She does look like a gentler grown up version of Lea.

      ABSOLUTELY CUTE!! as Lea is my favourite of Latis, followed by Coco, followed by Benny, followed by Momo, etc, etc etc . . . . the list goes on . . .
    6. Beautiful and fresh face! She kinds reminds me of Latidoll too, but in a good way.
    7. She looks a bit happier than Lea to me!
    8. She looks so sweet, :aheartbea I can't wait to see some owner pics of her. Does anyone know if she will fit YoSD sized clothing? I am looking for a girl for my Simon, but would prefer her to be the same size or be able to wear the YoSD clothing just so that I don't have to deal with trying to find yet another size of clothing for my dolls.:doh

      Her joints look great too, I would love to see some pics of her nude... I wonder if she is difficult to pose? :roll:

      How much is she?
    9. love the face-up, so delicate. Would like to see nude full body pictures of her though. Her knees remind me of another company, can't think which at the moment.
    10. They remind me of Rosen Lied and Lati.
    11. What a baby face, she's just darling! :)
    12. What a sweet face...she looks a little lost :3
    13. I added the new 20cm Joan to the thread. Does anyone plan on getting one?
    14. They are adorable - I have them in the size chart already as Jaimedoll Adonis-size and Rosebay-size

    15. I never even seen those dolls... they are cute but not really my style!
    16. They are both adorable! So innocent looking!