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[jaimedoll]Tanned skin Adonis dolls-Punk look babies

Sep 13, 2008

    1. Hello, this is Jaime.

      On September 20th 12:00 at noon (KST),

      We will launch 'Tanned skin Adonis dolls(15cm)-Punk look babies' as a ceremony of our one year anniversary
      We're sure that you will see the unique charm in them.

      And there will be :aheartbeatwo other events for you.

      First, you can buy some dolls in a reduced price.

      And you will get a free head (any type) when you order a set of doll(body+head).

      For further information, please refer to our web site.

      Please, come and enjoy these exciting events!

      *We will update the pictures of new Rosebay dolls
      (Grown up version Ara, Grown up version Vito, New released doll, Winny the little vampire) soon.

      They will come out on September 20th as well.










      We would be grateful of your support.

      Thank you.:aheartbea

    2. Adonis' 15cm Punk looks versions are on sale now:aheartbea.

      We would be very grateful of your support.

      Thank you.
    3. The sale of special dolls will be end by pm. 7:00(kst) on October 8th.

      Please note that they won't be restocked after that.