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Jamiesama's Buyer and Seller Feedback

Aug 5, 2008

    1. I did a search and my name didn't come up for feedback, so I decided to make myself one.

      If I have purchased from you PLEASE PLEASE! Post here your experience with me! It would be greatly Appreciated.

      I haven't started selling yet, but in the near future Please post your selling experience with me here as well.

      Thank you so much!
    2. Sama was so nice and paid quickly! She was also super patient when i was late shipping out her package. Super buyer and great to work with!
    3. I got a doll choker necklace and dress from Sama, and they were both so beautiful and creative. My dollies love them!
    4. Sama bought a dollhead from me and everything went good! Great communication, paid fast and just very nice <3
    5. I had a pair of silver bands commissioned by Jamiesama. They came out absolutely wonderful! They are adjustable and just so nice! Sama had great communication and shipped very fast. Thank you very much Sama!
    6. I did a trade/buy with Jamiesama and everything went just fantastic! I traded my ShuShu boy + cash for her Delf El. I can only say I am more than ecstatic with the transaction!

      She kept up great communication, shipped super fast and when she said she would, sent super cute jewelry with him, and was just a great pleasure do deal with!

      I would never hesitate to go into another transaction with Jamiesama, whether I be on the buying or the selling end.

      Thanks so much! You've made this girls day/week/month/decade :D
    7. i bought an OD Ye vampire off of Jamiesama and she was wonderful! she was incredibly helpful and even though there were some difficulties with the shipping the transaction went really smoothly. i would gladly buy from her again!
    8. I purchased a 70cm Hound from Sama, and even with all the snow she mailed him off so quickly! She kept great contact with me through out, and I was able to easily track the package. He was packed SUPER safely, and i'm just so super excited! :D Thank you Jamiesama!
    9. Sama has done some amazing work for me, ranging from face-ups to body blushing, beautiful outfits and even an engagement ring for one of my dollies.
      I love her work, and am looking forward to the full body mod's I've commissioned from her.
      I've never been happier with someone's work and ethic's. If you're going to commission someone, go with Sama!!!
    10. i bought a custom Dress from Jamiesama . I was happy that she make this Dress for me.
      Jamiesama is a very friendly person and all was fine. I highly recommend her ^^
    11. Positive.
      I commissioned Jamiesama to make two MSD dresses and one 27cm Dress.
      She works fast and has fantastic communication.
      She was very kind and quick with answering all my questions.
      She also allowed me to send the fabric I wanted the dresses to be made out of.
      She kept me informed as to the progress of the dresses sending me pictures of them as she went along.
      I loved working with her and will definitely go to her for more work in the future!
      Thanks so much again!
    12. I commissioned several outfits from Jamiesama, and they turned out amazing! Lots of detail work on them, and the communication/speed of work was excellent. :) I'll be posting pics once all of my kids have made it home and been properly faced!
    13. Jamiesama bought my Planetdoll mermaid on layaway. She was nice to deal with and paid promptly, and was even able to finish the layaway early. :)
    14. Positive feedback.
      I commissioned Jamiesama to make a couple of outfits for me.
      She was kind and considerate and always let me know how things were going.
      This is my second order from her and I am once again thrilled with my purchase.
      I will continue to do business with her.