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Japanese garage kit maker releases Asukadoll

Jul 2, 2010

    1. http://vispo.cc/tuuhann.html

      47cm doll, animation style sculpting work.

      I only recently came across this item, and it seems ordering deadline's already been closed(it's also limited to Japan only/no international shipping). Did any users here get in on this? She's quite a pretty doll IMO, although not exactly perfect either. If I knew about this earlier, I probably would've tried to get in on it... I guess it's time to prowl YJ!A again... :doh
    2. From the information available about this doll, it does appear that it would be on topic for Den of Angels. Please feel free to discuss it. If anyone has additional information about the doll, we would love it if you would share it.
    3. Wow, that's an anime head done right! She is amazing and adoarable! I'm kind of glad I CAN'T get one or she'd be tempting.
    4. I agree with Chehime! I very rarely see an anime styled head that actually looked really really awesome and just has this 'right' feel to it! it is sad that she was a Japan only limited though! I hope someone on here gets one so I can look at her! Haha
    5. Oh, she really is amazing! But garage kits are always so rare... I remember a Samus Aran garage kit figure that I've seen both on eBay and Yahoo! Japan for ridiculous prices (like, $500 o.o), and I know she wasn't even remotely close to MSD size.

      A girl can dream, right?
    6. Is that supposed to resemble some version of Asuka Sohryu Langley?
    7. Certainly looks that way. It's cute though, but I have that image of how mean she was in Evangelion, so she has never been my favorite character.
    8. Hi everyone, I have just joined DoA as my one and only doll is this very one! I have owned the Asukadoll since December. I have no prior experience with dolls but her body size makes her compatible with some of Azone's clothing. Her eyes and facial details are hand painted by the sculptor and the custom body is just beautiful. Vispo sculpted the body from scratch and he is a master of anatomical beauty. My friends who have been collecting Dollfie Dreams assisted me with restringing her. They were amazed at how beautiful her body is. You can see the making of Asuka page here on Vispo's site. There is also the AyanamiDoll and I would dearly love to own her too! She came with a pvc dress and shoes, the custom wig, hair accessories and her very own Asuka panties!