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Jasmines Cottage

Aug 17, 2008

    1. :aheartbea Jasmines Cottage, Woodstock GA :aheartbea

      Hello everyone... Jasmines Cottage isn't actually new as we have been doing business on eBay for a long time. It is a new company in regards to the fact that we officially incorporated and I transitioned from my career into this career of a doll shop full time. My name is Julie Collins and this is my doll studio.

      We are operating as an eBay store (jasminescottage) and selling also here on DoA. Additionally you can contact me directly via email for things at jasminescottage@gmail.com

      Our focus is BJD and we aim to have the things that are pertinent to that end.
      We love BJD and I have a fabulous personal collection I enjoy tremendously.

      We have no immediate plans to build a dedicated website as the exposure via the channel of an eBay shop is serving us in an outstanding manner. There are drawbacks to no dedicated site and those plans are on the radar for future.

      We are authorized dealer for Monique, Eyeco eyes, Glib, Panpastel, Sofft Tools, Kemper Dolls, Mack's Silicone, Master Eye Beveler, Haute Doll Magazine and others.

      We are approved as an authorized dealer for 5 doll lines currently and working to bring in that stock.

      Additionally we carry Mr. Super Clear, wig fix, shoes, underwear, sock/hose and more....

      Come visit us any time :)
    2. I just tried looking on Ebay stores for you, when/where is your store opening?
    3. Yes! A dealer down in GA. :D

      What are the 5 doll lines that are going to be in stock?
    4. ahyu: We are currently taking preorders for Souldoll, AOD and D.I.M. The other two are TBA at the moment....

      jerrysugarav: That would be fun! I'm fairly booked through IDEX with commitments but I would love to plan on that for future.
    5. Will you be selling at IDEX then?
    6. jerrysugarav: we are not going to sell at IDEX this time as it will be our first time attending and our goals are slightly different in this instance :)
    7. Are you anywhere near Atlanta, I would love to come down and see the store when I go to Dragon Con. Or if you are going to Dragon Con and have flyers for your store, I would love to hand them out in the Ball jointed doll panel I am hosting there.
    8. blackrose: Thank you for your inquiry. We are an online shop only. Although i have a huge studio here.. it is not a retail space :( i'm so sorry.

      we are not attending Dragon Con at this time.

      Again, thank you so much for inquiring! Please shop with us online any time!
    9. Hi Julie, I've seen your shop on ebay for some time, but living in the UK, I have in the past decided not to order from you as your postage to the UK seems very expensive. For example for your Jpop wig, the shipping for one wig is $23. I hope you don't mind me mentioning it because if you could offer an alternative (cheaper) shipping method, you would probably get more customers from the UK. I buy regularly from the USA for Riley clothes, wigs etc, and expect to pay around $5-10 for a small item.

      Thanks Kathryn x
    10. Kayjay - thank you for mentioning that. Initially we only set up to send outside USA at Priority Rate International. Due to so many requests we have changed that and we offer First Class International and Priority Flat Rate Envelope.

      The situation of course is that there is no tracking at all unless you go full Priority so it is chosen at buyer risk as we cannot be responsible for parcels sent in that fashion.

      If you have seen a shipping cost that is listed at Priority Int only (at the full rate) then it is something old that has slipped through the cracks and failed to be corrected.

      I only have Jpop wigs randomly if they were from my personal collection and not right for my doll. I do not stock them ...

      Hope this explains everything. Thanks ever so....

    11. That's ok,thanks for explaining :)
    12. It's a little late this year to participate, but you should consider setting up a booth in the Dealers room at Anime Weekend Atlanta next year. AWA is scheduled for Sept 19-21st this year, if you are interested in checking it out.
    13. Reminder please no chatting in news

    14. thanks Muterari! we will tag those dates to check. :)