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Jerry and Jerry ver2 from Coco Tribe

Jul 7, 2008

    1. We saw some of the DOA members are confused about Jerry and Pipos Bunny.

      So we borrowed a pipos from one of our friends and took a comparative pics for them.

      Hope these pics can help you guys to know more about Jerry.

      Many Thanks.:)


      When they are in same direction:
    2. they look very alike O_o
      I still think Curo looks best hehe maybe because I have one xD
    3. I see very distinct differences, especially in the side by side pictures.
    4. Jerry's arms are very long in side pictures~^^
    5. I love how Jerry looks. His body and head look so much more distinct then Curo. :)
    6. They look very similar to me, but Jerry has a cuter face shape. I don't really care for the teeth showing though.
    7. I think he's wonderful and I've been wanting a bunny. I have to wait until more cash flows in though.
    8. indeed, there are a few different, in the legs, how they post, and ears. Teehee how cute.
    9. I agree, i honestly can't see any similarities.
    10. I can see similarities...there is a difference between "copy" and "inspired by"

      He's cute :)
    11. Is it possible to get it without that tooth showing, or would it be easy for an owner to sand down? I had live rabbits, and the only time you see the upper teeth is if the split in the upper lip is wide. But any rabbit with that much of an overbite, so the upper teeth are outside the lips, is in for serious trouble in real life, and that would keep me from enjoying the doll!

      Otherwise, it's interesting, and I like the double joints!
    12. Aww, Jerry is adorable. I like how he has a more defined rabbity head shape than the Pipos bunny. To be honest I can't really see any similarities between them except they both have long ears...
    13. they dont look like the same sculpt to me. jerry looks more "mature" for one but they are different. besides that they are both bunnies they are different.

      hobbywhelmed is right about the tooth. real bunnies with teeth like that are in need of medical help. although i havent had bunnies in so long i forgot that til hobbywhelmed mentioned it.

      i think he is cute.
    14. The teeth can not be put down and it's complicated to sand down.
      In fact, we are going to released a bunny which is without tooth, that bunny is called Ruby, please take your eyes on her.
    15. I like Jerry! He seems more poseable and cute!
    16. I like Jerry. He has more of an anthropomorphized look to his head. I don't want to say "cartoony," but it gives kind of a sense of character.
    17. Thanks everyone for this thread! I now know which bunny I want. The Coco Tribe is for me.
    18. im getting coco tribes jerry (version 1 with the teeth...so cute). he should be arriving next week!
      do they still make version 1 heads? id love to have a spare.