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jessicadolls has Abio Angel Dolls in Stock

Jul 10, 2008

    1. Dear all,

      Jessicadolls has some Abio Angel Dolls (all 1/3 sized) in stock in Canada, there are only one or two per type.

      Abio Angel Dolls are made in China and are designed by MYTHDOLL's designer. Abio Angel names their dolls by numbers from 0 to 30....

      As the promotion sale price $360, you will get a brand new Boy (3, 15, 16) or Girl doll (10, 11, 7) with official make-up & a pair of free eyes (no eyelashes). But the make-up might be slightly different from the photo shown below. They are in normal skin color.

      I have them in stock in Canada and I will only ship them to US/Canada this time, shipping fee is $38.

      Their official website is under construction. The dolls below are the only ones in stock currently.

      My boy dolls in stock

      My Girl dolls in stock

      My Boy 16.

      My Girl 7.

      My Girl 10.

      Only Paypal is accepted. Any questions, please directly send me an email.

      Jessica from Canada
    2. Hi,
      Is there a link to the site?

    3. Do you have any idea how long it will be until international people can buy these dolls? =/
    4. Dear WolfeClaw,

      I have 6 types dolls available in Canada, I can ship to UK, but shippping fee will be $20 extra. Thanks, Jessica