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jessicadolls is having a new surprise bag sale at $49.99

Mar 29, 2009

    1. Jessicadolls is having a new surprise for all you Dollfie lovers! Surprise bags!

      SD or MSD or YO-SD bags! Each bag is $49.99. Shipping to US is $8.75, other places/Canada BC, AB will be $9.95, other Canada provinces will be $11.95.

      The bag will include at least 4 fabulous items! They are all very good in quality and all brand new without being played with.

      One pair of shoes;
      One wig with stretchy net;
      One outfit (Dress set or T-shirt with fabulous jeans)
      One pair of socks.

      I will randomly send out glass eyes or other items if you buy more than two sets at the same time.

      One small bag, a whole lot of fun inside! It also makes a nice gift for your friends.

      If you would like to buy these surprise bags, please directly make a Paypal payment to jessicahu2003@yahoo.com, with the title (SD BOY OR GIRL, YO-SD GIRL, MSD BOY OR GIRL). I have been selling on eBay for long time with 100% feedback. Buy with confidence.

      Please visit my store on eBay to browse my items and I don't have other store website. I don't sell this deal on eBay now, only offer to the board members.


      I have been very busy lately, this is only part of my stock.

    2. Jessica, when you say "other places" does this include international shipping for outside of the US/Canada?
    3. I was wondering how long you will be offering this deal as I am interested but do not get paid for a few more days.
    4. International shipping to Australia, Europe, Asia (outside of US/Canada) is $9.95.

      I will offer for another week or two while quantity lasts.

      Thank you for your interest! For all the buyers. Thanks for your purchases.