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Jigamaree Has Soah IN STOCK!

Jul 8, 2005

    1. As of right now, Soah is in stock at www.jigamaree.com if anyone is interested....they did have Elfdolls but are sold out right now. It's my understanding that they ship quickly...Just a little heads up.


    2. Out of stock on the Regular Editions, only in stock on the Special Editions.
    3. I can recommend them for prompt shipping, and a friendly service.
      Even if you need to order a basic edition, i had to have mine made to order (preordered and it took about 15 working days for her to be made and shipped)
    4. 15 days...huh.
    5. Thanks for the info! :daisy
    6. Just so you know, they got just a couple of dolls in as they are working to create a safer packing insert for the dolls.

      They needed to see the dolls as they were packaged so they could measure, etc., to determine what could be done for the inner packaging (I have helped them with a little research with this).

      So they don't have stock in, not yet.

      But it does mean it is getting much, much closer to delivery time!
    7. I WILL be ordering Soah, probably Regular Edition (with small bust) as I love to do faceups. However, this will not be until some time after San Diego Comic Con.
    8. Just to let folks know if they really want to get a doll quickly...The ElfDolls were marked "out of stock" on Jigamaree and I emailed to inquire when they would be available...I found I was able to order Lyn and Sylph despite their being out of stock...I ordered them on July 11th and I received them today (July 26th), so it might be worth emailing and asking...they are very nice people and they responded to my emails very quickly. In stock or out of stock, whatever...I'm very pleased with the result! :D

    9. Do you know if the face mold is the same for the standard Soah and the special edition Soah? I would love to save some money but think the face looks slightly different and like the special edition face alot. Course it's 2 am here and I am tired and may just be imaging things.


      Who else owns this doll?