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Jointed hands chat - types and color matching help!

Feb 14, 2010

    1. I didn't know where to post this, so Mods please move it to where it needs to be.

      I want to buy a pair of jointed hands for my IP Mars (rose white).

      I know Soom used to make them, but I can't find them on their website. Are they discontinued?

      I found some at Angell Studio, but I'm a little confused with the sizes. Does anyone know if they're for 68cm dolls?

      I also looked at Dollzone, but they're sold out. I have the feeling they're not making them anymore.

      Does anyone know of any other companies that make them?

      Thank for any info anyone can provide!
    2. Dikadoll also makes some very nice ones, which come in both 60cm and 70cm sizes.
    3. anyone who knows if Angell-studio's jointed hands fit Souldoll Double boys?
      I really want some jointed hands for my boy.
      Also what size? (58-62 or 62-70)
    4. I second Dikadoll. They have many colors to choose from as well.
    5. So I know a few diff companies make jointed hands, but where can I get them that will match normal realskin from luts? Does anyone have experience with this? Thanks!
    6. I'd like to know about jointed hands that match the DragonDoll uncle body? So, if anyone can add to this it would be appreciated.
    7. teamonstar: It depends on when your doll was made. I have a SDF body from early 2009 and purchased Dikadoll hands for him in the Yellow skin tone. The match is not perfect but it is OK; the hands are slightly darker and yellower than the SDF skin.

      Have you taken a look through this thread?
    8. oooh i never found that one! Haha, mine are coming in soon so fresh made, here :3
    9. Does enyone know what kind of jointed hands might match Leeke normall skin?
      Thank you for your time.
    10. I'm looking into getting some jointed hands for my Double Souldoll boy, and I've been searching through a bunch of threads, but I haven't found anything terribly helpful. Does anyone know what company would be a close enough match to Souldoll? Photo comparisons would be awesome, but I'm really looking for a straight forward answer more than anything, I seem to be having no luck with my searches.

      The exact mold I have is the Sleeping Ize one, if that helps anyone, I got him around... this past April(?) if I recall right.
    11. Bumping this.
    12. You might have better luck searching in the "picture requests" section of the gallery. Did you see this thread, for example? Maybe it'll help. Good luck!
    13. I think this is the right place. So I love jointed hands and I would love to have some but my two girls are AoD. I've never seen a 1/3 Angel of Dream doll with jointed hands. Does anyone have these dolls with jointed hands? Also, tell me what brand if so. Thanks!
    14. BUMP! help me out please.
    15. have you tried put some enquire in picture request subforum?
      I'm sure someone could help!;)
    16. I can give it a try but not before the next spring as i'm planning to buy a DragnDoll uncle body, and actually i own some DZ jointed hands!
    17. My post was moved to this thread, it was originally in the picture section.
    18. oh really?ok then we wil going on here!:)