Jointed hands that fit SWITCH HD 65boy body?

Feb 7, 2017

    1. As the title says, does anyone have an idea what hands would work/fit?
      Sorry if this thread already exists, I only found the resin comparison with bjd hands but since my character wears gloves all the time the skin color doesn't matter and I haven't seen any SWITCH bodies ;_;
    2. Do you mean jointed hands or any hands? Personally I find the basic hands very pleasing to the eye, and I also have the Breathless hands. They swap out very easily, the ball joint has a quick change system. Other hands you may have to just replace the ball joint to fit.
    3. Oh I mean jointed hands, sorry I should fix the title and write jointed hands instead of BJD hands xD
    4. Gotcha! Well I don't own any jointed hands but I can offer some resin differences and hope by reference you can find a good match! Fairyland and Crobi are my closest resins to Switch's new Normal skin. Crobi is closer. Switch has a peachy tone to it. Luts and Little Monica are too yellow to be a good match.

      If you need an Attractive Body wrist measurement I can be back in a jiffy with that!
    5. Ah the resin color doesn't matter since my character wears gloves, it really is only about the size so wrist measurement would be greatly appreciated! ^^
    6. Oh gosh totally brushed over that in your original post :sweat Wrist socket is exactly 2.5 inches, or 6.35 centimeters!
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    7. No problem :) Thank you so much, that helps a lot already x3
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    8. If there's anything else you'd like to know, let me know! I just received my Attractive Body and it's already one my my favorites among my dolls!
    9. Actually, I still have no idea where I can get shoes from xD I am pretty new to the bigger dolls (I only own MSD or YOSD)
    10. My guy has shoes from Crobidoll! Here's the size that fits. I only bought one pair but by measurements a lot of SD boy shoes should fit.
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    11. And thanks again! :) Maybe now I can already put an outfit together before buyig my boy haha