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Jointed hands vs Regular hands?

Oct 9, 2016

    1. I just ordered a pair of jointed hands for my MSD from Doll Legend, since Alice's Collection is having a sale on them. This made me wonder though, are jointed hands preferable to regular hands in general? My Mini's normal hands are about impossible to get through certain sleeves, which is why I ordered the jointed ones. On the other hand, my Tiny came with two pairs of hands, so I suppose if I found the current pair too troublesome, I would just switch to the other pair.

      So I'm just wondering what people like better.
    2. I think it depends on what you want to do, I mean, jointed hands allow for more posing and stuff so if you have a doll who's really expressive with their hands, jointed hands seem like a great idea. I'm tempted only because then they could HOLD stuff lol, like their weaponry but at the same time, the sculpted static hands are often really prettily sculpted and look really nice so it's a tradeoff. Aesthetics vs poseability.
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    3. That's kind of the way I feel. Especially since jointed hands for MSD's are gender-neutral.
    4. There's no reason you can't have both lol. Jointed hands for when you fancy some posed shots or doll needs to hold something, pretty hands for regular use. It's a pain to switch em out but doable.
      I'm really lazy so I tend to just keep regular hands and work around it but I can certainly see jointed hands being really really useful for particularly expressive dollies.
    5. As I said, my main problem is that my doll's normal hands are difficult to fit through her sleeves on some outfits because of the pose they are in. Jointed hands would not have that limitation.
    6. I don't actually like jointed hands, but mainly because it feels like to many joints to me. I just don't find them as attractive. I'm going to just have 26cm dolls now though, so I don't think that's even an option? Either way I would always prefer the regular hands.

      However one thing I don't like about regular ones, is the regular hands that have their fingers spread out... so scared I'll brake one, and hard to get though some sleeves. I like them to just be loosely spread, with just a little bit of a gap between the fingers.
    7. The only jointed hands I have are on two MSD DC girls, and they're pretty useless since they only bend at the knuckle lol. I've thought about buying jointed hands for my three SD boys but I'm always afraid of colour match. Do you think they're worth it? I'm curious to hear from someone who does the upgrade!
    8. Doll Legend makes jointed hands for 26cm dolls. However, as my YoSD came with a pair of hands that are curled, I didn't think it was necessary.
    9. As far as color match goes, it's best to buy them from the company that made the doll. That is what I did. However, as I am waiting on mine to come in, I cannot say if I like them better or not. ^^;
    10. Oh cool, thanks for telling me! While I don't want them myself I was super curious whether that was even possible!xD I find it amazing how small they can make things! : D
    11. I don't like jointed hands most of the time.

      They are good for holding items and more expressive poses, but I think they look like skeleton hands with all those joints, and that bothers me. They also easily twist and bend in wrong directions, which end up looking like a bunch of broken fingers to me, and I don't want to keep adjusting them!

      For ease of dressing, I really just wish all dolls had the Volks One Touch System, where the s-hook easily rests on a little slot in the hand/foot ball (similar to how the head s-hook sits on the neck when the head is off) so it's easy to pop hands and feet off without the whole doll coming unstrung. Since that isn't a regular option, I usually just try to avoid buying clothing that won't fit over hands.
    12. I prefer unjointed hands personally. I don't really like seeing joints (It was the hardest thing to get used to when I moved to collection dolls like this) as I feel like they disrupt the aesthetic. On jointed hands I feel like they're almost skeletal for some reason. I like dolls with optional hands a lot. You can get the different poses while still having seamless beauty.
    13. I prefer the regular hands, but I will buy many different kinds of postures of hands for changing...
    14. Right now I'm really put off by jointed hands, but I can't say I'd never come around to liking them. I used to think BJDs had too many joints to be attractive!
    15. Doll Legend has some really pretty jointed hands for SDs that are gender specific, but MSDs and smaller only have one option, so they are not as pretty.
    16. I like jointed hands for male dolls, but unfortunately, I only have girls. :lol: Again, it is up to you.
    17. I've been debating whether or not I would get jointed hands for some dolls in the future. Since it sounds like they appear just more skeleton I'll only use them for a Halloween themed doll.
    18. i think both are good, obviously you can do a lot more with jointed hands in terms of posing. it depends on what you plan to do with your dolls, but having a pair of both isnt a bad idea either.
      personally, i can't get past how clunky and "obviously not real" jointed hands look, so im content with regular hands ✩
    19. i like jointed hands on my big boys but not on the ladies or the little ones.... just to hard to restring em when they get all dangly..
    20. I had not thought about stringing them...